Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Almost June Edition

Holy crap - I can't believe tomorrow is June!  Where did May go - it feels like just last week I was getting excited to run Vancouver and now I am all done my May races!!!!

1) The past two years, I have run it but this year, I am putting together a cheer crew for the Stampede Road Race on July 8th.  J and I had so much fun cheering at the Last Chance Half last November that I figure it's time to get out there and support local runners with some cheer when they need it most!  I'd love to get a bunch of people out there to shake some pompoms and noisemakers and really get the half and 10k runners motivated in the homestretch.  

If you'd like to join me - I'll be posting more info shortly.   I promise it will be fun and you can bring your whole family if you want!  After all - runners give the best hi-5s to the little ones!

I will also be making up signs for the cheer crew so will need y'all to submit your best sign slogans!  I want this group to be a cheer crew to remember! 

Are you interested in joining me?  I'd love to get a huge crowd out for this!  Rain or shine - the runners don't get to pick the weather but that doesn't make them less deserving of support!


2) Possible TMI warning!   I am going to attempt to train my bladder.  I have been suffering (and I mean REALLY suffering) with this for the past two years.  If I drink ANYTHING within 2 hours of a race start - I suffer during the race. Just seeing a portapotty is enough to set me off so it must be partially mental.  Kind of an "I'd better go now, just in case" thing.  Another part of me realizes that this line of thinking has probably caused my bladder to shrink.  I'm hoping I'll be able to train my bladder to give me fewer issues so I won't feel the need to completely dehydrate myself on race day again.   Sunday, I was definitely dehydrated at the end of the race...possibly dangerously so. I don't want to end a race feeling that badly ever again.

I found this little document online from the Canadian Continence Foundation.  It makes a lot of sense so I hope it helps (and maybe it will help someone out there too)

Let me say - after following this for a couple of days, I am already feeling much better.  I think I am getting over the mental hurdle of it during the work week.  The real test will be on my 18K run on Saturday...wish me luck

PS - this is like potty training for mommy. Seems only fair that if Buggie is potty training (she suddenly decided she will use the potty on her birthday and has only had a handful of accidents since - so easy) than maybe it's time for momma to do it too.   LOL


3) It feels like the "Read" part of my blog has been super absent lately.  the "Run" has definitely taken over a bit.  This makes me sad to admit, but May made finding time to read pretty difficult.  But, if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know reading is super important to me and as I near the end of Book 5 in the Game of Thrones series - it's kind of consumed me for a couple of months now -  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that will open up some time to plow through a bunch of shorter books again and get my reviews happening again.  I truly cannot wait!

Some of the Books I have on my Kobo that I am just itching to devour are:
  • Drawing Free - Elena Aitken
  • The Enchantress - Michael Scott (the next book in the Nicolas Flamel series)
  • The Omen Machine - Terry Goodkind
  • EnLIGHTened - Jessica Berger Gross
  • Healthy Tipping Point - Caitlin Boyle
  • Insurgent -Veronica Roth
  • Mental Training for Runners - Jeff Galloway


  1. Ah yes...the southern problems of runners. I have similar issues i had to work with after Greg was born. The need to go has definitely impacted a few races for me-moreso at the beginning of a race. I did a half marathon 3 weeks ago that i never told you about-it was a bit of a disaster-i was forced to hide in the bushes more than once.

    1. YOU DID A HALF MARATHON 3 WEEKS AGO!?!?!?! That's huge when you're as preggo as you are....

      ok - coffee. soon. I need stories.

    2. I didn't tell anyone i was doing it-it wasn't the greatest idea. However, it did give me the time to think and re-evaluate my running and for that i'm glad i did it.

  2. I'm half way through the first book - they're really long! I had no concept of how long it was because it's on my kindle... Would be great to hear your book reviews - I always struggle to pick a new book!


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