Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Techy Tuesday: Favourite iPhone Apps for Moms

Yes - I have only had the iPhone for less than a week...but between our family iPad and hubby's iPhone - we've been using these apps for a while now.  These are the ones I have learned to be less fussy and totally useful to keeping a mommy sane.  These are my top ten faves!

1) Cozi
Our family would be nowhere near as organized as we are without it.  Being able to maintain a calendar and lists inside a single, share account has been awesome!  Read my review here

2) Netflix (requires subscription)
I cannot even count how many times we have used this to calm/distract cranky twins in the car and restaurants.  Dora the Explorer has amazing quieting powers...

3) Mint
Brings all of your financial information into a single account - handy for seeing exactly where your hubby's visa sits right before you want to use it (not that I'd ever do that...)

4) Instagram
Like twitter for photos...I never realized how many photos of my nieces and nephews I was missing out on until I finally got it. Makes my kids lives look much artsier than they actually might be...

5) Path
Quick and easy way to document life - in photos, videos, notes etc.  You just connect with those you actually want to share like that and share your life as you live it.

6) Rdio (free 7 day subscription.  Paid after)
I love music but I hate buying albums.  I tend to listen to the same album repeatedly until I am sick of it and then I move on to something else.  Rdio lets me do just that.  the nice thing, from a mom perspective, though, is that i can set up playlists of non-annoying kid songs for the midgets.  They love that they can hear a song in a movie and I can play it for them immediately.

7) Zoodles (KidZone)
I've reviewed this one for Android a while back...it is still such an amazing app.  The iPhone version is not as fully featured as the Android, but there is still enough to distract a kid for a while.

8) Shutterfly
We have all of our family photos online at Shutterfly.  It's been a great way to share photos with family who may not see us all the time.  I like that the app allows me to upload pics from my phone - but it also allows me to view all of my albums from the app.  LOVE IT!

9) Starbucks
Do I really need to qualify this one?   I especially like that it allows me to have one less card in my wallet as I can pay using a scan-able bar code in my phone

10) Kijiji
For those days your kids are driving you so crazy, you just want to sell them...
Just kidding.   I just wanted to have a nice, even 10.  And I like Kijiji...

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