Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scenes from a Saturday

Today, I met up with the Fall Team in Training group for their Season Kickoff.  Since I am doing my next TNT event through flex and won't have an in person kickoff, this was kind of a kick off for me too :)

Milling about:

Mission Moment:
So many inspiring people make up the TNT family.  Charles is a survivor!  Still battling and choosing to live!

Meet your new mentors:
My TNT Buddy, Kerry, is in white in the middle.

Then we ran 2.5k - I stuck with my TNT buddies:

Two of these ladies, Vanessa and Claire, are on my Goofy team too :)   And I am trying to convince Lorraine (in the middle) to run with the 55min group tomorrow.  I totally think she can do it).  And how much of a giant am I?  Holy hannah - I look HUGE compared to everyone! 

After the kickoff, I headed over to the Calgary Marathon Expo.  Package pickup was MUCH smoother than last year, though I found the vendors will all kind of the same old same old from past years.  JS and I wandered around there for a bit, saying Hi to everyone we knew and then headed for coffee.

Once we had Starbucks in our hands, it was time to explore the area and see where the start and finish would be.   The start is on the main thoroughfare through the Stampede Ground.

The finish? RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE GRANDSTAND!!!  How awesome is that!?!?!   There is seating for trillions of people right there at the finish line.  SMARTEST IDEA EVER!

Got my obligatory shot with the finish line:

SWAG Report? Well, here's what was in the bag:


And the back of the shirt:

I only bought one thing at the expo - a new non-slip headband for $5.

I also hit MEC one the way home and got a new tank (I know, I know - breaking the cardinal rule of race day but I needed some colour for this one.  I'm starting to feel all drab in my blacks and greys)  I bought a great royal blue one that will look great with my purple sparkle skirt.

My outfit for tomorrow:

Now my bag check bag is all packed and my outfit is laid out.  I am ready to rock this thing.  My plan for the race is to stay with the 55 min 10k pace group and see if I can't smash a PB!  Wish me luck!

See ya out there, Calgary!

PS - I'm trying out a new app tomorrow that will track my progress and post km by km updates on Twitter.  So between 7:30 and 8:30 - I may be annoying your twitter feed every 5 mins or so... :P


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  2. I was looking for you and your purple skirt this morning!!


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