Saturday, May 5, 2012

#RunVan Saturday: All About Blogging...and the Carb-loading

I am so glad that I skipped the Friendship Run today.  I was missing my girlies so much and the commuting to and from the run seemed so cumbersome...I felt bad when I posted that I was skipping it this morning, but after Skyping with my babies - I felt it was so worth it.   Those amazing little beings.   It has now been established, though, that they think the computer is somewhere where Grammas and Grampas live and that mommy was in the computer with them.  But Buggie remembered that I went on an airplane and asked me if I was munchkin.

So, after a lower key morning, we headed out to do a bit more shopping at a nearby mall and tried to find the start line in Queen Elizabeth Park without any luck (more on that shortly).  Then it was time to boot it back to Canada Place for the Blogger Q & A at 1pm.

I was so excited to finally meet Amber and Brian after all of these months blogging alongside them.  Such great and fun people!

Then, after the panel was done - JS and I snuck up to the backdrop for a quick photo op.  Look how cute the race merch is - JS got that tee and I totally went back and picked up the softshell hoodie (thank you 20% coupon I got with my clinic)

We wandered the expo for a bit and then grabbed a snack and decided to head for Granville Island until dinner.   Good thing we did.  We totally thought the finish line was right at Canada place...but really it was up on Hastings and Burrard!  While wandering to find our bus stop - we happened on this:

Apparently, according to this pose, I am a pretty ballerina...

After an adventurous (and late) bus ride back into Gastown - we met up with Nikki for a carb-loading dinner at the Ol' Spaghetti Factory!  I had one helluva headache/migraine all evening so I am sure I was a total space cadet, but she was kind enough to not say anything.  It is almost a good thing that so many people cancelled on the Tweetup in the last few days.  I'm not sure I would have been up for a larger crowd.

I had the spaghetti and mushroom sauce.  I don't know if it was the headache or nerves for tomorrow...but I only ended up eating about half of my salad and spaghetti (I did, however, devour all of my spumoni).  Good food.  Great conversation.   It was a really great time and it was so nice to spend some time with Nikki in person after interacting with her so much in the past few months.

and, of course, the post dinner photo op.

Nikki was so awesome and gave us a lift back to our suite.  On the way, we were finally able to figure out exactly where the start line is.  It really is only 2 blocks from the suite!  Best part of all of that is that we won't need to rely on the honey buckets at the crowded start line...we can have a real washroom and then just zip over there in time for the start!  Thank you Vacation Rentals By Owner!

Now, I am off to bed.  Clothes are ready.  I am ready.  Tomorrow, I RUN VAN!!!

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