Thursday, May 24, 2012

#runCalgary Weather Watch - Three Things Thursday Edition

Including the weather watch for Thursday here.

It still looks like perfect running weather to me, but just in case - you may want to run your running clothes through a couple of rinse cycles on your washer tonight.  Don't want to end up with Foamy Knees like I did for Footstock last year (though it DOES provide some comic relief)

1) I am so excited about Calgary Marathon this weekend!!! It is my favourite 10k of the year AND another shiny medal for my medal rack...

BUT the new venue is screwing me up!  I have been having really vivid and messed up dreams abut it all week!  Like dreams where I show up in Bridgeland and then have to run to the Stampede grounds but they keep getting farther away.   Or where JS and I want to attend the speakers with J but for some reason, we can't all sit together and if we try - we are all forced further apart.   They are just odd dreams.

It might be all the cream cheese icing I've been snacking on this week (Ya - I've been eating STELLARLY in prep for the 10k)

On that note - Package Pickup starts today and runs through Saturday:

Where: The Big Four, Stampede Park

Thursday, May 24: 4-8 p.m.
Friday, May 25: 11 a.m. -7 p.m.
Saturday, May 26 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Parking is NOT free so take transit if you can...

2) Potty training is well and truly underway in our house.  We have been promising balloons for potty use...every successful "go" is a balloon.  A really serious "try" is worth a sticker.   As long as the girls aren't in diapers - they will ask to use the potty.   

I've been thinking of actually giving the 3 day Potty Training thing a try.  I've been hearing ALOT of success stories this week and think my girls might actually thrive if we can get all of the adults on board over a weekend.  Might even be worth my taking a Monday off.   We've just been winging it to this point, but let the potty planning begin!!!

3) I may have found a great tank to wear for my K-100 leg - thanks to Jen at Runner...Maybe.   The  Firedaughter "Amaze Yourself" tank

So me. Super cute.  Purple - for all of my purple needs for this race.  Apparently highly recommended for endurance running - despite not being a tech tank.   If I order it - it will be today or tomorrow.

Have you ever had bizarro dreams about a race?   Did 3 day Potty training work for you?  Have you ever run in a Firedaughter tank?  How comfortable were you?  Please share your experiences in the comments!

And a fun thought to leave you on this Thursday - so funny yet so true!


  1. I am also running in the 10K this Sunday :) But I'm nursing a stupid raw blister on one foot at the moment... hoping I can draw on my army smarts and doctor it up to last the 10K.

    1. If you moleskin/tape it really well and take a couple advil beforehand...maybe it won't bother you for the race! Fingers crossed and speedy healing wishes to you!!!

  2. Love that shirt!

    My son took forever to potty train and didn't until his 18 month old sister decided to be potty trained. She was so easy!


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