Sunday, May 13, 2012

Race Report: Sport Chek Mother's Day Run & Walk 5k

Some days races just don't go as you plan them to.  Today, it might have been just too soon after Vancouver.  It could have been the crowds and the walkers. It might have been the heat. Or it may have been that the world wanted me to decide on a distance for Edmonton...regardless - today did not go as planned.

For the past couple of days, my legs have been feeling fantastic.  I felt sure that I would have no problem pulling a sub-30 min 5k out of the Mother's Day 5K.   I know I am capable of it - I can run a 30 min 5k in training - I just need to actually pull it off on race day.

By the time we arrived at Chinook Centre for the race, it was already pretty warm out there.   Our team was meeting outside of Chapters and when we were almost to the meeting place - I realized I forgot my Garmin in the car so I had to run all the way back to the parkade to get it.  By the time I made it back, I had missed most of the team as they had gone out to line up.  We shot a few photos (some of these were of the team before I got there (thanks V for sending them)

We found a nice place for Gramma S to line up with the stroller.  

Then it was time for us to line up.   As always, the walkers were a scourge - taking over every spare inch of pavement - whether they were behind a walkers sign or spreading into the runners.  It is the only part of this race I don't like.   None of them have figured out that if they seeded accordingly, the race might actually move more smoothly.

Rant over.

Hubby and I lined up together, though I didn't figure we would stay together for long.  He wasn't trained and I was aiming to be swift.  When the race finally got underway, it was a crawl to the start line...but after quick stepping around the slowpokes, I caught up to JS and her 10k buddy.  I ran with them for a few minutes, as we weaved around the back of the mall, but had left them by the time we were out of the parking lot.

The donation bins were on 58th Avenue and it warmed my heart to see so many hands dropping change into them to support the NICUs.   The crowd merged onto Macleod briefly before heading up 4th street.  The first km went so fast, but I was heartbroken to see that all of the quick-stepping meant a 6:20km.  I needed to stay under 6, best I could figure.  Time to fly!

I was alone and I was sweltering...and I was cramping. Oy.  I needed the portapotty but the lineup was too long.  I grabbed some water and barely choked down a couple of sips before dropping my cup in the trash and speeding off.   I was holding somewhat strong as we turned at Stanley Park.

but the heat and the cramps pulled me to a walk.  I power walked through it.  Running whenever I could.  At the halfway mark, I was just over 15mins, but the crowd was thinned to a workable thickness - I figured I could still negative split.

In the end - the cramps claimed me and the heat made me suffer.  My legs felt good, but I felt overwhelmed.   Not even the sight of the finish line on Macleod could pick me up.

Official time: 34:18

My splits were good for most of it. And it is amazing how fast the extra distance adds up when you are weaving around walkers...

Check out the million walk breaks...

Meh - guess I'm doing 5k in Edmonton this year.

After the race, we cheered in some of our team mates then, once Gramma S and the Girlies had crossed the finish line - we headed over to the tent area to get ready for the Little Legs race.  We lined up with V and her daughter - it was so cute to see the three girls all holding hands as they ran their short race and collected their medals at the end.

Have I mentioned yet how bitter I am that the kids got medals yet the moms got nothing! Two years ago, when I crossed the finish line - I was handed a rose.  Last year - nothing.  This year - nothing.  Yet, the kids run 50 meters and get a MEDAL!  Ah well - they were excited to get a meal.   Doodle just about gave me hers when I teased her that I wanted a medal...

ok - another's the MOTHER'S DAY race.   Nothing.   Sigh.   Ok.  Not really a rant, but c'mon race organizers.  Yes - the kids are the reason we are moms...but it is OUR day...

So it was an anti-climactic race for me.  Just time spent with good friends for a great cause.  I will line up next year again.  Supporting the NICUs is important to us and it is a nice way to spend Mother's Day.   

Maybe next year, the moms will get medals (wishful thinking).

This one is a cute pic to end my bitter post babies were so tuckered that they crashed together on the sofa the instant we got home.  Too cute.


  1. So sorry that your race didn't turn out. Your girls are so cute tho. I didn't know there was a Little Legs race! I would love for my daughter to enter that, 50m is definitely doable for her.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Grrr... walkers, lack of seeding, hot & cranky. I understand your frustration. Even though it wasn't perfect, there are a lot worse ways to spend the day! Girls & Grammas had a good time too I hope!

  3. So sorry it didn't turn out as you hoped but seeing those little cuties together on the couch must make you feel at least a little bit better. Happy mothers day! (And if it makes u feel any better I just about died running 11k today!)

  4. So sorry it didn't turn out as you hoped but seeing those little cuties together on the couch must make you feel at least a little bit better. Happy mothers day! (And if it makes u feel any better I just about died running 11k today!)


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