Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Official Photos: Jugo Juice 10K

Most of my finish line pics are classic "Where's Waldo?" crowd pics...see if you can find me in most of them.  There was, however, one AWESOME shot!  I look FIERCE!  I just wish it wasn't $25 to buy a single digital...

I wish the race would have photographers at multiple locations along the 10k course.   It would be nice to have mid-race pics when I run solo!


  1. I didn't get many pictures either and it seemed like there were barely any official photographers on the course at all. Or maybe I just wasn't looking for them, haha. That first shot of you is great though!

  2. That first picture is awesome!! I have to admit...if it were me i'd be buying it! So far the only picture i can find of me is of my feet ;)

  3. All of mine were awful couldn't see me and everyone was at the finish line. I would buy the photo from either race

  4. I love the fierce one.. totally worth $25


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