Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Official Photos: BMO Vancouver Marathon Half 2012

Courtesy of, here are the official pics from race day :)
(Just the proofs - but I am probably going to buy them since they got some awesome shots)

(and yes - I edited this post...I am apparently an idiot this week and couldn't figure out how to get bigger proofs...that enlarge button prominently displayed was no help at all *rolling eyes at own stupidity*)


  1. Love it! Looks like there are some really great ones in there! They did a really great job, so far everyone I talked to has had at least a few good shots! yay for race photos...

  2. Great pics. Looks like tons of fun. Congrats!!!

  3. There - now the pics are easier to see...somedays, I swear I am blind and wake up dumb...

    I am erally happy with the race photos. I noticed some of mine also got mixed in with JS and Heathers pics so the company is going to add them to mine so I can just buy one big package. We all look so happy in all of them - I can't NOT buy them!

  4. Awesome pictures! You look like you're having a really fun time!


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