Monday, May 14, 2012

MOMday: Disaster Alley 2012

Saturday afternoon, Gramma S and I took the girlies to Disaster Alley - a free event put on by the City of Calgary, which showcases the various emergency services agencies here.  I sit near the EMS people at work and one of my buddies over there told me about it so I was intrigued enough to go check it out!

The event was held out at the Fire training facility near Elliston Park.  It was pretty wide open - no big crowds, which was probably for the best with my kids.

We were met at the entrance by a lady who handed us a bag with an emergency preparedness checklist and instructed us to check the kids in and get them a bracelet in case we were separated.  They didn't get too involved with that - just gave them bracelets and wrote my cell number on them.  The girls were then told that if they got separated from me, they should find someone in uniform and that officer would call me to come get them again. 

We then started to wander through the displays.  The girls didn't want to go into the big "school bus"

But, as soon as they saw the ambulances (or, wee ewww wee ewwww buses, as the girls call them), they were right on board.


We got to see the tactical team and all of the robots and weapons they get to use.

The fire department showed them a boat they use for ice rescues.

And showed the Jaws of Life.

They even posed for photos with the nice fireman and his big scissors.

They sat on a fire truck...

...and figured out where the wee ewww comes from...

A dragon gave them a hug

and then let them crawl inside another ambulance.

The highlight, though, was as we were walking back to our car and HAWC (the police helicopter) came in for a landing.  It circled and circled and then landed.

We could have gone back to check it out, but you could see the crowds converging at the chopper and we decided it was time to get on our way.

Disaster Alley was super fun for the little ones.  It is also the kind of event that a family could attend year after year so the kiddos can learn more as their abilities and comprehension improve.  The girls liked the exploring this year, but didn't really understand the important messages.  It DID, however, give us a launching point to discuss things like fire detectors and electricity and safety and they seem better able to understand it now. 

Next year - they might teach us stuff after we get home.


  1. Great, definitely something I should bring my daughter too! It looked like lots of fun!!

    1. She'll love it. I know we'll be back with the girls next year.

  2. Thanks for your blog about Disaster Alley - as part of CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency), the organizing team behind Disaster Alley, I am always glad to hear feedback about the event! It was a great day for us and all our partners - thank you for attending and we are glad you had a good time!

    1. Thank YOU for a wonderful, family-friendly event! I plan to tell everyone I know to come out next year :)


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