Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Recap and June Goals

And there we have it, folks.  May is done.  How fast was that?

Here's how I did on my May goals:
  • Rock the Van Marathon half - DONE! I am really glad I didn't make my time goal part of the goal list.
  • Stick to the Canada Food Guide Challenge - tried to, but not really
  • Low 150s by the start of June - not even close...
  • Mothers Day 5k - aim to be sub 30min - DONE! did the race.  Didn't do the goal.
  • Calgary Marathon 10k - aim to come in under 60mins - DONE! did the race.  came SOOOOOO close on the goal but still didn't make it
  • Try to fit some yoga in at least once a week - um...*looking away*
  • Weekly meal planning. *continuing to look away*
  • Find more time to read -DONE! at least it feels like it.
  • Joggermom Marathon!!!! Run 42.2k in one month. - DONE!   The Jugo Juice 10k brought me over 30 miles!
  • Find a moment to transcribe my first year of running over to Daily Mile.  I'd love to see what my ACTUAL running career has been in kms.... - DONE!  I am happy I kept such good written records now - I was able to transcribe pretty much everything over perfectly.  Now my little widget on the side shows all of the kilometres I've run since buying my first Garmin

I totally didn't make myself a calendar for my May workouts and I think that was a HUGE factor in why I didn't workout hardly at all.  In June, I will have a calendar again.

June Goals

For June, I am revamping things a bit.  I've come to realize that calorie counting is not going to be my way of life.  I really liked the little Canada Food Guide challenge I did at the end of April BUT eating well needs to be planned.  So, for June I am going to plan better and shop accordingly.And my fitness needs to be more varied so this month I am focusing on that.

  • Follow Canada Food Guide as closely as I can
  • Regularly grocery shop so fridge is always stocked properly
  • Pre-prep my meals so I can grab and go with healthy options
  • Try one new vegetable each week

  • K-100 Relay on June 23rd - Goal? Have fun
  • Officially sign up for the Goofy Challenge with TNT
  • Run on Tues/Thurs/Sat
  • Strength on Mon/Wed/Fri - Rip:60, it's time to come out and play
  • Use the Another Mother Runner June Challenge as planning inspiration
  • I really wanted to use Gympact as financial motivation, but it won't count a home gym (yet). Instead, I pledge to put $5 in a jar for each workout I complete (hopefully $30/week) and will buy myself something cute to run in with the proceeds at the end of the month. If I miss a workout - it will be $5 taken from that jar and put into another jar - to be donated to my TNT fundraising.  Hopefully that will be enough to keep me accountable.
  • Take my kids on outings on Sundays
  • Try to incorporate more solo outings with each girlie
  • Get both kiddos potty-trained (Buggie is there during the day...Doodle still won't try)
  • At least one book finished each week
  • Take one day off this month to write

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