Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting Ready to Race Like a Mother!

Tomorrow is the Mothers Day Run and Walk and this will be our family's 3rd year participating.  This year, Gramma S is joining us and will walk the 5k while pushing the girlies in their stroller.  Hubby and I are going to run it and then meet up with them right before the finish line.  I want to run across the line with the girls and so I thought it was only fitting that they should have their own little race bibs :)   Chances are, though, these will be ziptied to the stroller and then we'll pin them on the girls for the Little Legs race (which THEY get medals for!  How is that fair?  The MOMS should be the ones getting medals!!!!)


I also designed a bib for me too (for my back since I will have my race bib on my front)

These were just printed on a colour laser printer and then laminated using laminating pouches.

We did race package pickup last night.   The way the race works is that for each team, the Captain picks up everyone's bibs.   Because our team has 27 team members PLUS any toddlers - I have split it down to team sub-captains so anyone with friends or family registered under them has to get the bibs from me and then distribute those.  It works pretty well.

So, I went to Mount Royal University for the packages and then 3 of the team sub-captains met me there to pick up their packages.  To make it easier - I brought large ziploc bags with each team member's name and their race distance and sub-captain written on them.  Then, I split the shirts and bibs into their proper bag and each sub-captain just grabbed the bags with their names on them - EASY PEASY!

Then, I was free to roam the "expo"!  I lucked out and picked up another pair of my Asics for cheap, cheap.  Happy momma!

Today, we were at Chinook Centre and the race people were setting up tents like crazy!  It made me super excited just to see all of the preparations! (I should have taken a pic...darnit!)

and good news about the weather for tomorrow - it looks like this MIGHT be the first year without rain for us!  I'm going to take credit again since I think the purchase of my rain jacket will ensure it is at least a year before I run in the rain again!

 Now, I just need to figure out what to wear tomorrow...Something fast, I think.  My legs are feeling great tonight!


  1. OMG your daughters are soooooooo cute!! It's so awesome to see that despite a premature start they are doing so well, just like any other kid!

    Good luck on your race, looks to be fantastic!

  2. Your daughters are precious!!

    Good luck on the race! I'm running a virtual 10k (I hope!) tomorrow for Mother's Day. I can't wait! :)



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