Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Product Review Time!!!

New month - new product reviews!

I've had a few things I've been trying out but haven't yet had time to write up a review for.  Just thought I'd get them all out here now :)

Team Sparkle Skirt (and Race Legs)

I had ordered one skirt from them (bet you guys were wondering the story behind this one)...well, the Large I ordered ended up being sent as a SMALL!  No way this chicka could pull that over her still ample I contacted them via Twitter..and got the BEST customer service!  Immediate response - they would exchange the skirt ASAP for me and throw in a pair of race legs for the error.   They even refunded the shipping once the returned package got to them.

So, instead of a green skirt - I now have a lovely turquoise skirt (I changed the colour during the exchange) and the cutest, sparkly, striped leg warmers. (The exact combo on the lovely model to the far left in the pic above)

I must say, I quite love it.  The skirt is much shorter than I thought it would be, but I have really long legs so this shouldn't really be a surprise. It covers my butt so I'm happy... It is also super flattering - just flows over all my jiggly bits and distracts quite nicely.  The material is super light weight so you don't even feel like it is on.   It is relatively sheer so undershorts are a MUST (unless you roll that way - but I don't sign up for THOSE kind of races LOL).  Over capris it is super cute, though.  

I was skeptical about the race legs when I saw them on the site, but in person, they are incredibly cute.  I got the purple and turquoise striped ones and, despite being horizontal stripe, they do not make my calves look huge.  They are comfortable and easy to pull on, without feeling like they are digging in.  I also like that the stripes are separated by sparkly, silver stripes.  Makes a gal just FEEL sparkly!

I plan to wear a Sparkle Skirt for my next 3 races - Spring Trio 15K, Vancouver Marathon (JS is going to go sparkly with me) and then my K-100 Relay team decided that this would definitely be a great team uniform.   I can't wait to sparkle up those races!   I haven't decided if the race legs will make an appearance yet, but I ordered a second skirt in purple so there is still a chance they might make it into the running if I wear shorts for one of the races!

If you decide to order a skirt - try to get a group together and place a big order all at once.  The shipping is so much cheaper for multiple skirts.  For example - my one skirt plus shipping came to $35.  When I placed the large order  for my relay team - the total cost per skirt came in around $25.  So gather up your runner girls and go Sparkle all-together.  An added bonus - you can then coerce them to go sparkle at all of the races you run all summer!  Muwahahahaha!


Runner's World Hydralite Belt

I had my heart well and truly set on buying the Amphipod Velocity Full-Tilt belt, but am having a rough time forking out the kind of dough I need to to get it to my home in Canada. And then i saw this puppy at Sears.  Actually - I saw it under the Sportline name at Wallyworld first...and shied away.  Then, I saw it under Runner's World Branding and decided to give it a shot.  Don't ask for my logic here.   Regardless - for $15, I figured I could afford to find out if this style belt would work out for me.

Unfortunately, as a running belt - this one was a colossal fail.   Not even half a k into the run, the bottle escaped the "security strap" that was supposed to hold it inside the pocket...the bottle then smashed into the path and the lid popped off - spilling my Nuun everywhere!  I could not tighten the belt tightly enough around my waist (and I don't have a teeny waist.  I think anyone with less than a 36inch waist would have trouble getting this tight enough).

The pocket is a decent size and has a second inner pocket to keep your ID or phone separate from other items.  There is a headphone port to string your cord through.

If anything - this was $15 spent to save me $50.  I don't think I am going to get the Amphipod.  Even though the reviews are great on it - I'm not sure I trust the horizontal bottle. I will likely reserve this one for slow, walks and hikes.  Or to lend to friends to show them a different water belt option.  It didn't work for me, but that's not saying it won't work great for someone else.

Once I switched back to my 2 bottle fuel belt - I was far more comfortable.  I think I just prefer multiple bottles spaced around my waist...I really just want no velcro and adjustable sizing.  This and a huge number of amazing reviews prompted me to order the iFitness Hydraton belt - so stay tuned for that review in a few weeks. I'm hopeful it will arrive by late next week.

In the mean time - if you see this Runner's World belt (or its identical twin, the Sportline belt) in a store - RUN AWAY!  It is just not worth the money.


Noodle Hugger Headbands
Etsy store:

With my ever expanding hair length (and quantity apparently - the longer it gets - the thicker it's getting) - I am needing to wear my hair differently when I run.  The BondiBands have served me well for the past couple of years, but they were failing me now.  The hunt was officially on for a headband that was a) cute, b) unmovable and c) cheap.  I had seen Christy at My Dirt Road Anthem review these and decided to see if they might be right for me.

I ordered two to start with - a half inch silver sparkle one and a 3/4 inch leopard print. I admit that when I received them and found them to be lined with velvet ribbon - I figured there was no way they would stay on my head.  I had visions of running along and having the band ping off behind me.

I couldn't have been more wrong.  These have stayed put through workouts of different lengths and intensities.  They feel very secure without threatening to cut off the circulation to my brain and are so comfortable I nearly forget I am wearing them.

At around $5 each - they are a steal.  Shipping to Canada is decently fast and she has a wide variety of different designs to choose from.  I was so happy with the first 2 I ordered, that I was quick to snap up 3 more.


So, there you have it - a taste of my consumer-whore-ism for another month. With some of the things I have coming in the mail - I'll probably be doing longer gear reviews over the next month.  Stay tuned!

What have you bought lately?  Did you love it/hate it/feel indifferent about it?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I love sparkle skirts, I have worn them 2x for races, and just ordered a 3rd one.


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