Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Workout Wednesday: 10 Days

10 days.  That's it.  In 10 days time BMO Vancouver Marathon will be here and all of these months of preparation will have (hopefully) paid off.  At the very least, I'll have an adventure to write about and share with you all.

10 days.  It's not too early to start packing, is it?  Of course not.  We're practically in single digits.   The suitcase comes out tonight. Checking the weather forecast and watching the extended forecast change from rain to sun to rain to sun.  I have a feeling I'll be packing a wide variety of running gear.  If it rains - I'm apologizing in advance (I tend to have that effect on race day weather).

10 days.  I am so excited to be running a half in a city I love.  Vancouver is one of my favourite places on Earth and I still feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.  I don't get out there nearly often enough and it always feels like I am coming home when I do. 

10 days. I've really loved meeting and connecting with so many great people through my blog and Twitter throughout this whole Official Run Van Blogger gig!   I am so excited about the prospect of meeting many of you in person in just over a week!

10 days. I've been eating well, hydrating like a fish, getting my runs in.  I'm feeling good (which I can't say was true for this entire training cycle).  The antsy-ness of Taper is upon me and I just want to go, go, go already!  But instead I am focusing on healing and cross training and biding my time. 

10 days. I shouldn't be in such a hurry for it to get here. Before I know it - it will have come and gone.

pssst - if you have a second - can you please pop over to Circle of Moms and cast a vote my way for the Top 25 Outdoorsy Mom blogs of 2012?   I'm currently at #17 and would love to stay in the top 25!  Thanks so much to everyone who has voted so far!


  1. I'm so glad you guys are all so excited to come run Vancouver! Can't wait to meet ya!

  2. So excited for you -- 10 days is a perfectly fine time to start packing :)

  3. Good luck-good luck-good luck!! :)



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