Sunday, April 15, 2012

Welcome, Taper!

Today I ran my longest long run before Vancouver.   Today, JS and I kicked 19k's ass at some ridiculously early hour (started at 6:30!).  Today, we rocked the reservoir!

Ok - might be overstating..but we did have a great run considering how tired I was (Buggie kept me up most of the night because she was a hyper-spazz).   I originally had only 18K on the plan...and JS had 22k. Then, I wrote her yesterday saying that I'd be willing to do the whole 22 with her if she wanted company.  That was the plan we hit the path with.  22k.  But we had to be back to the cars by 9:30.  An optimistic time for 22k LSD and within the first 5k, we ended up revamping it to aim for 19 or 20.

It was cold and windy and snowy as we headed along the path to the south.   We both realized ahead of time that we were suddenly without "rain" coats and we had both grabbed whatever was near as we left our houses.  Mine happened to be my Rick Hansen Relay jacket so not only did I look jaundice - I was also visible to anyone peering into the bushes when I needed to leave the path to do my business...well, if anyone had of been out there.  It was so quiet.

There were so many pussy willows on the trees :)

Even in the cold - the Weaselhead is super pretty.

 All in all, it was a fairly uneventful run.   we looped the entire reservoir plus added on a km onto the path to Fish Creek.   Our ultimate goal, though, was to hit the Railway Cafe at Heritage park for lattes and cinnamon buns and then walk the last km to the landing.

Mission accomplished.

The cinnamon buns ended up being pretty stale, though.  A couple of bites in, I'd wished I gotten one of these beauties instead.

So, with that - my longest long run is done.   Next weekend I am doing 2 races (a 10k and a 15k) in lieu of the 20K run that was originally on my plan.   I am officially considering myself to be on taper.  Let the healing begin.  

20 days til BMO Vancouver!!!

oh - and we musn't forget the Garmin Geekery:

The elevation in that one looks much more impressive (and accurate) than the one below...

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