Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Things Thursday

In the spirit of Thursday - here are my three things...

1. Fast regrets
Well, that speedy little run I did on Tuesday has left me hating stairs.  I feel fine most of the time but when I first start to go down stairs, my knee screams a couple of times before feeling fine again.  I skipped my 11k speed run last night in favour of ice and rest. I decided to skip my run tonight as well to give it a chance to bounce back.  Boo.   But it's all good.  I don't want to push my luck with two "races" on the roster for this weekend.

2. Speaking of races...
Today was packet pickup for the Bow River Run 10k on Saturday.  I was so excited to head to Mountain Equipment Co-op after work.  I used to work 2 blocks from it and didn't realize how much I missed having access to the place!

Race package:

Nothing much - just a bib, flyers, and a reusable bag...about what I expected from a race with a $10 entry fee

Other schtuff that happened to jump into my shopping basket while I was there:

Gels - You can't beat MECs prices on gels...I stock up whenever I'm in the neighbourhood. Gu is half the price of any of the running stores in town!Plus I've been wanting to try those Agave ones but have never seen them anywhere locally!

I came so close to buying a running rain jacket.  The Skirt Sports one is so cute and I have been smitten with it for a couple of years...BUT while most of it is transparent grey - the zipper is lined in hot pink and has a zipper hood to match...All I do is stare at that and it drives me bonkers...  Still deciding.   

3. Challenge Update
The Canada Food Guide challenge I am doing with my coworker for the next 2 weeks is going really well.  The printable chart on the website was driving me batshit crazy, I came up with a solution for keeping track of my food groups.

I have an old Richard Simmons FoodMover (you can also pick these up SUPER cheap on eBay if it's something you want to try).  I don't like the diet plan that comes with the thing but have always thought it would be a really useful little tool so have hung onto it.  Finally - I figured out what to do with it! Today, I went through the card with the most icons on it and just blocked out everything that is over what I can have each day.  A little bit of white paper and some invisible tape and I was set:

Now I just need to close the windows as I eat the food group and it is portable enough to toss into my bag for long term use.

and just a couple of reminders:

The Color Me Rad 5k giveaway closes at midnight tomorrow night.  Get your entries in so you won't miss out!!!

AND...I am so excited to have been nominated for the Top Outdoorsy Mom blogs of 2012 over at Circle of Moms.  Please pop over and cast a vote for my little blog - I am currently in the top 10!   Thanks so much to everyone who has already voted!


  1. To be honest, I'd rather have that MEC reusable bag than most of the things I get in other race packages! I really should be joining you in the food guide eating thing...but sadly, there is no burger category. Ha ha.

    1. lol..that's cuz burgers fall into 3+ categories :P

      The mec bag is a nice touch - though I always for get them at home when I need them...

      Theres a funny story about that too. Buggie wanted to hold the bag after they handed to me so I let her. Then I went to pick up the gels and caught Bug just as she was going to add some clif blox to the bag. So, I went and got a shopping bag and let her hold that with my gels instead of the one with my bib (which she had started to drag across the floor and rummage through)

      When I looked into the race bag - there was a gel in there and, not knowing if Bug had added it - I took it out and tossed it into the shopping bag so I'd pay for it.

      BUT, I didn't look in the race bag before I handed it to for all I know - it might not have been a gel she's put in - it might have been swag...

      ah well - just in was paid for...


  2. Rest can be such a powerful healer!

    I've never heard of/seen a Food mover - something else to check out.

    How awesome to be nominated for the Top Outdoorsy Mom blogs! Good luck :)


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