Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Pretty boring Thursday - dreary and rainy here in Calgary so that's probably affecting the overall tone of this...

1. I've actually been getting some writing in!  Wheeee!  But not on The Loracian Stone.  I had a great idea for a non-fiction book and decided to run with it while the idea was hot.  Now, I guess we'll just need to see if I can make it work as a decent length book.  I think I actually might on this one!  Stay tuned as I will probably start taking about this more in the coming weeks if the manuscript continues to grow at the current rate!

2. I realized last night that I still have a great deal of anxiety about Red-wing Blackbirds.   They weren't even swooping me and I was ducking with every scream as they lined the country roads. 

At least my speedwork got done as I sprinted past the power poles.

In another month, I won't be able to run country roads at all, which makes me really sad since I have started to really love running past the rolling fields. It is a great way to get the distance done without feeling it.   So, I have been brainstorming strategies to get over this fear.

a) Stop running anywhere a blackbird might be lurking
b) buy a blowgun and use the swoopers as target practice (not particularly PETA friendly but then, I don't have great aim so I doubt I'd ever hit one)
c) Buy body armour for my head and shoulders
d) Poison their nesting area (again - not PETA friendly and I don't think I actually have the balls to do it)

3. My Yoga for Runners DVD arrived yesterday.  I am so excited to hit the yoga mat.  Probably not tonight, since I saw that the run I thought was 6k is actually the rain.  But tomorrow night- definitely!  My legs feel like they could use a good long stretch.

So, what do you think I should do about my little birdie problem?  Have you ever been swooped by an angry papa bird on your runs before?  Do you enjoy running in the rain?

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