Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Easter Edition

1) Injury Update - I have been pain free for almost a week.  It's a glorious feeling.  BUT, when I run there is still a dull ache in my knee.   Chiro, MAT, Massage, Stretching...that has been my past 2 weeks and that dull ache is still there. 

So, I was logging my Monday night run in Daily Mile and, on a lark, decided to click on the training tab and see where my shoe mileage was at!  Turns out the ol' Asics are at 400K...and that's about as far as I have ever gotten out of a pair of runners before I started getting issues.   I think I figured that because they were my first Asics that they would outlast a pair of Nikes for sure.   They haven't.  Hence the naggy knees and hips and shins and ankles. 

Tuesday, after work, I headed out to find myself a new pair.   I actually really lucked out at Sport Chek - they had the Cumulus 12s I like on clearance.   Now, I have plenty of time to break them in before I head to Vancouver!

Perhaps the biggest lesson I learned was that Running Room may only get one of my giant size in for the entire city...but Sport Chek carries the same shoes and is more likely to have my size in stock.  I was also really impressed with how much the kid working the Shoe Department could tell me about the differences between the 12s and 13s.

2) Jelly Beans are Evil - I am at war with the giant canister of Jelly Beans in my pantry.  Good thing it is almost Easter and I can divvy them up amongst the twins.   Actually, it hasn't been that bad.  Since I binged on Monday, I've been trying harder to limit them...and I managed to also dump 3/4 of them into a bag that I hid with the Easter baskets...
 We don't usually give the girls candy or excessive sugar, but this year, I think they will enjoy the hunt.  We have candy-less items in there as well (so many eater themes things - bubbles, sidewalk chalk, playdoh)...but I thought they would like the sweet treat just this once :)

3) Monthly Meal Plan - We are LOVING my monthly meal plan!   So much easier to stick to a diet when it's printed out in black and white.   It's also meant much less stress about meal prep.  I'm already a big fan and am thinking we'll definitely be carrying on with this...


  1. Sportchek! I didn't know they carried the same stuff as Running Room, I should keep it in mind.

  2. In some ways - they have a BETTER selection than the Running Room. I don't think I'd trust advice from them, but if you have a pair that works - you might have luck with finding the larger sizes there. I know I am continually disappointed when I go to RR and ask for 11.

  3. I do a weekly meal plan and it does help, I don't know if I coudl do an entire month at a time.


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