Monday, April 16, 2012

Run Van Training - Week 12 Recap

Happy marathon Monday to you all! Congrats to Josh Cassidy! How exciting is it that a Canadian won the wheelchair div. for the men?!?! and beat the world record!?!?!?! I am quite excited about it - despite currently suffering from the worst case of the Mondays I've had in months...

With that - I bring you the recap of my training for the past week. It was a fairly eventful week, weather-wise, around here so I am not surprised that my training wasn't as dedicated as it perhaps might have been...

  ...but I did run over 34k this week and I am quite happy with that! 

It also pushed me over 1000K since Jan 1, 2011!!!   Cool beans!

On Tuesday evening it was so gorgeous out that I could hardly wait to head out for a 6k tempo run around town.  After how good that run felt - I was super excited to go for my longest weekday run ever (I think) and do some speedwork on Wednesday in my new Magic Running Pants.  Thursday - that blizzard pictured above hit us hard and I laughed aloud at the thought of running in it (I was not ready to get on the treadmill quite yet..I will likely ease back into it after the K-100)

After that - I took a couple of days off to prepare myself for my longest long run...bright and early on Sunday morning, I met up with JS to hammer out 19k on our quest for lattes and cinnamon buns!

and now I am happy to announce that I am officially TAPERING!   19 days til BMO Vancouver!!!  I can hardly wait!!!!!!

Monday: KAA
Tuesday: 6k tempo, KAA
Wednesday: 9k speedwork, KAA
Thursday: Off, KAA
Friday: Off, KAA
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 19K run, KAA, Yoga for Runners DVD

Now for some real Vancouver planning!   This is going to be such a fun weekend.  If you are looking to carb-load the night before - why not join us for dinner?  We're still settling on a location, but you can RSVP over on Facebook.   We're also looking for a good location to have it - something reasonably priced and centrally located - so feel free to weigh in, even if you can't make it!

I am still up in the air on whether or not my 2:15 goal is possible after having so much downtime with my injury.  JS and I kind of decided that for Girls Gone Glitter 2012 (yep - our weekend has a tentative name) - we'll just take it as it comes and if 2:15 doesn't happen it doesn't matter...just so long as we have a blast trying!

and I am just so excited to go shopping! and to have basically a zero chance of snow falling on me for 4 days!  WOOT!

Ready For Summer Challenge Update

Ok - I didn't do so hot this week.  I missed the mid-week challenge because I was too darn busy all week.  Sorry, guys.  I do subscribe to a fair few of your blogs though so even if I'm not commenting - I am usually following along.

I didn't quite make it a no candy week, though I did pretty good.   I had some Easter candy weak moments but nothing binge-like.

We pretty much stuck to the meal plan (strayed a couple of days but still stayed on track and I am still taking the stairs at work.  I haven't stepped on an elevator yet in April.  Oh - and I am super rich since I didn't go nutso spending on running gear.  Ok - not super rich.  But I'm not getting poorer!   and I am still going strong with Kick Ass April (which I am finding is really making me stronger quickly - a 55sec wall sit yesterday almost felt like a piece of cake)

oh and I lost another pound this week - which brings me back to the 40lbs lost point!

This week's goals for the challenge?
  • Get in at least 2 bike workouts in addition to my runs
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Do yoga 3 times
  • Run 2 races (well - these aren't really weekly goals as races already registered for!)
Things to Check Out

In case you missed it - don't forget to check out my Color Me Rad giveaway!  I have 5 free entries up for grabs!!!  For ANY Color Me Rad race!!!!

If you haven't had a chance yet, why don't you head on over to Facebook and check out the Read.Write.Run.Mom. page over there.  Just one more way to follow the blog and join in the discussion!

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  1. Seems like a lot of us struggled with this week. But you had a great loss so keep it up!

    Good luck with week 4!

  2. Girls Gone Glitter 2012 - I love it! I want in! Ha ha. I too have a case of the

    1. Mondays suck...4 near car accident misses on the way in (other idiots..not me) a titanic tantrum (from both Mommy and Doodle) before we even left the house, discovering my fave sweater I wanted to wear today had a ginormous hole in the pit..and then forgetting my tea in the car - 3/4 of a kilometre from my work...kill me now. Good thing it's not a run day or I'd certainly get hit by a car or killed by a blackbird or something...

      and you were totally already included in the Girls Gone Glitter, girlie! ;) Now you just need to get yourself a sparkle skirt :P hmm - there's still time to order....

  3. I love the monthly progression work out idea... I just need to get myself to DO it... It would be so cool paired with all the other work outs I'm doing. I can always do it in June when I lose my trainer.

  4. Hope you have a better week (weather wise) this week. Good luck!

  5. This week was hard for a lot of the people in the challenge I think!

  6. Nice job staying on track over Easter! Your upcoming race looks intense--good luck with your training program workouts this week.

  7. Sorry I'm so behind commenting - hope you have been having a good week :)


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