Monday, April 9, 2012

Run Van Training Week 11 Recap

I made some breakthroughs this week.   My injury may be well on the way to being in my past instead of very much a part of my present.

With the appearance of April, it kicked off Kick Ass April - something that has been fun to force my coworker into doing with me (in the office no less).   On Monday, I had a chiropractor appointment so decided to walk over to the clinic and then run the long way home.   My knee nagged me a bit, but I was otherwise running strong and pain free.

Wednesday, I was still on a high from Monday's run so thought I would attempt some treadmill hills.  BIG MISTAKE!  1k in, I was cursing my IT Band and had to finish that workout on the bike.

That was where I had a breakthrough.  I decided that my treadmill is going to be retired for the summer and I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong before next winter.   I love having it, but I am OBVIOUSLY doing something very wrong.   I am going to have hubby film me running on the street and then on the mill so I can figure out where I need to adjust my form.  At least it is now nice enough to run outside..

A chance click on Daily Mile led me to my next breakthrough.   I happened to click over to see my training stats and then scrolled over to see the mileage on my shoes.  My Asics were at 400km.   Now - everything I have read says you should replace between 500 and 800k...but I've never gotten over 400 out of any shoes.   So, off to the store I went and bought myself a new pair.

Sunday was the test...18K.  The longest I have run since my marathon.  I met up with JS and totally rocked a pain free run.   No more naggy knees!  I feel like a rockstar and can't wait to rock the rest of my training this month!

Here was what my week looked like:

Monday: 5K run, 40 mins bike, KAA
Tuesday: Off, KAA
Wednesday:1k run and 25mins bike, KAA
Thursday: 35min walk, KAA
Friday: Off, KAA
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 18K run, KAA

It's hard to believe that in 4 weeks time, Vancouver Marathon will be in the past!!!

And just to add in a bit about my progress on the Ready for Summer Challenge - week 2 went well (ish).  Easter candy and houseguests (ie: eating out) were the bane of my diet, but my meal plan helped me knock that weight down a pound.   I am officially back in the 160s!  WOOT!  I was not as consistent with the workouts, but I did get my Kick Ass April in each day and a couple of bike sessions so I wasn't a total slacker.   The pleasant pain in my posterior tells me I am doing something right so maybe I can channel this into regular strength training for myself!

This week's goals for the challenge:
  • Stick to the meal plan
  • Take the stairs everyday at work (I did this on week 1 as well - it's kind of a personal challenge for April)
  • No candy
  • and a spending challenge - no buying any more running gear. I didn't suddenly become a millionaire and the last couple of weeks, I've been buying too much.  Now I need to just wait for the stuff I bought online to arrive :)

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  1. I find running outside a lot easier than the treadmill, it's like I can find MY rythmn outside and the treadmill forces me in to ITS rythmn.

  2. You have set some great goals. You will rock this week. Have fun.

  3. You h ave great goals for week 3, and it's all in your hands! I actually find running outside harder, no idea why!

  4. so close! i wish i were doing van...i'm flying out on vacation the next day very early and i live on the island so we decided to do scotiabank instead...i was sad as the new course for this year sounds so great!

  5. Good luck with week three and your knee feeling better.

  6. Reading about your running is SO inspiring!! Hope your knee improves and that you have an amazing week ahead! :)

  7. I find running outside to be so much easier. I am still constantly afraid the treadmill will fling me off!

    So far so good on the knee front. My new shoes really seem to have nipped that in the bud. Now I can just run for the joy of it again!

  8. No candy for a week? Count me in!!! I need this goal!!!


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