Monday, April 30, 2012

Run Van Training Recap - Week 14

Sometimes I wonder why I even set weekly workout goals if I am only doomed to fail at them. (more on this later).

This week was fairly uneventful after my race-packed weekend last week.  Monday, I took a much needed rest day - though it was pretty hard.   On Tuesday, I met up with one of the ladies from my K-100 team to get in 6k.  Wednesday - I actually made the effort to get on the bike, but Thursday and Friday I let the weather give me permission to slack off.

Saturday, I met up with JS to get in 6k and some shopping.  Then took Sunday off (unless you count chasing toddlers through walmart to be a workout).

Taper was in full swing.   I ate well, though, dropping 6lbs in a week on the Canada Food Guide challenge!  Holy Hannah!

Now, it is only 4 more sleeps until I fly into Vancouver!  Yay!!!  I'm almost all packed and ready to go!

This was my week:

Monday: Off, KAA
Tuesday: 6k, KAA
Wednesday:45mins bike, KAA
Thursday: KAA
Friday: KAA
Saturday: 6K LSD
Sunday: KAA

and how I did on last week's Ready for Summer Challenge goals:

  • Stick to the Canada Food guide - YES! (though I did get snacky on Sunday and gave myself over to it)
  • min 2 runs + long run -NOPE - only 2 runs total
  • min 2 bike sessions - Nope - just one
  • yoga at least once - Nope, but I did stretch really well after all workouts.
  • Really push myself on all workouts - time to exit the comfort zone - NOPE :( Took it pretty easy - I was super tired after the two races.
  • STOP EATING AFTER 7PM - Surprisingly YES!  I think this was the biggest contributor to my weight loss.
I am, just going to keep going with these goals this week and try to do better.  I won't be pushing myself too hard, though - just aiming to get my body moving because I want to be rested and ready for Vancouver next weekend!

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Things are still being finalized, but Vancouver Marathon is trying to put together a Q&A Panel with the Official Run Van bloggers for the Expo on Saturday.   I'll post more info once they are available.

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