Sunday, April 22, 2012

Race Report: Spring Trio 15K

Today was Hostelling International's Spring Trio 15K race.  It was also the day I got to meet most of my K-100 Relay team for the first time!  Exciting day all around.

I carpooled in with two of the ladies from my team and we were bright an early so I had lots of time to see about exchanging my wrong shirt.  Of course, when I got there it turned out that they were out of shirts for the 15k.  I Gave them the 5k shirt and told them that I would rather have no shirt than one for a race I didn't do.  It all worked out in the end, though, since another lady in our group had ended up with a 15k shirt instead of the 5k shirt she should have had (I instantly regretted handing in the 5k shirt because she could have easily had it instead).  So I did end up with a 15k shirt in the end. 

Before the race, I caught up with Sophia, one of the Color Me Rad 5k entry winners from my giveaway.  It was super great to meet her in person at long last.  I am looking forward to getting together with her for a run and coffee so we can chat some more.  It was a bit busy today with meeting my team and getting ready to race.

Anyway - back to the race report.  I dressed up in my Sparkle Skirt

and since I had skirts for the rest of the team - several of the ladies wore theirs as well.  We made quite a cute team.  These are going to be such a cute team uniform on June 23rd!!!

Sue wasn't feeling great about her training so I told her I would stick with her and keep her from crawling.  

The "gun" went off at 10 sharp and we were off.  The pace was nice and easy.  Quite comfortable for my very tired legs.   I had no time goal - this was just my long run for the week and I was looking forward to just finding fun along the way.

Within the first km, we came across the new Peace Bridge.  It is so nice to not have to detour around construction anymore.

Soon the 5k runners were turning back.  Then the 10k-ers.   The 15k didn't have alot of runners so the field got pretty thin after that.

We made a quick pitstop at Edworthy.  There was the rudest lady in the bathrooms.  We were done and she pushed her way in and informed the people in line "I'm in a race and being timed so I'm just going to go ahead of you guys"   Both Sue and I were both flabbergasted at her.  People like that give runners a bad name.

I was so glad I didn't get a good look at her face - it might have ended up spawning dirty looks for the next 20 years if I ever saw her again.

Photo op at Edworthy:  
A km past Edworthy was finally our turnaround.  Sue had refilled her water bottles at the water station and then started to run right past the turnaround sign.   I made sure to rib her for the next 5 mins for it :)

After that - the countdown was on.  We were in the homestretch and ready to call it a race.  Once we saw how many people were behind us, our only goal was to keep them behind us.  We really wanted to make sure we beat the two girls who wore their long sleeve cotton race shirts (it was ridiculously hot out for a tank, let alone a cotton l/s).

I am sure I kept Sue quite entertained with my witty remarks as we passed each kilometer marker.  She didn't smack me once so I guess she didn't mind my corny jokes.  

Every walk break, we looked over our shoulders to make sure they were all still behind us.  Finally we were at the Peace Bridge again and stopped for another photo op where I dropped my blackberry on the cement and nearly freaked.

And 1k to the finish.  As soon as we turned, we just booted it.  Crossing when my Garmin said 1:50 and change.

It wasn't an easy race - between the heat, my tired legs and Sue's asthma - we had a rough go of it...but the good company makes up for a lot of things and I still enjoyed the run immensely.

Case in point about the heat - when I took of my belt - I had a swath of sweat about 8 inches wide across my belly...

And in my lack of preparation in packing - I hadn't brought a change of clothes for brunch after...DOH!

Sad story for the day?  When I was exchanging my t-shirt (or not exchanging as it were) I saw a table full of medals...Like, overflowing with them.  It got my hopes up for a medal.  So, after crossing, I asked the volunteer where our medals were and she informed me that there were no medals...just for the age group winners.  Boo.  Seriously, was a ridiculous number of medals.  I feel like we were the only people who didn't place in our age group at this small, small race.

Garmin Geekery:

Official time: 1:52:48

Not sure how there was a 2min discrepancy between my Garmin and the chip time.  I hit start and stop right as I crossed the timing mat...though maybe my Garmin paused in the washroom...that would make sense.

Overall it was a nice race.   I think it wasn't as well organized as it could have been and the volunteers weren't as helpful or informed as they maybe needed to be.  Just the mix-ups with my shirt could have been easily avoided.   It was also the same old ho-hum route out of Eau Claire that I have run a zillion times.  With the lack of swag, this was almost just an expensive routine long run.  But I needed a long run and this one gave me an excuse to wear a race bib, dress up and enjoy the company of a friend I don't see often enough.  

That alone makes it a win.  But I'm not convinced I'd do it again.


  1. Hmm, I would have thought a 15k race would include medals. Oh well, it would have paled in comparison to that sparkly skirt of yours anyways, right? Great job!

    1. 2 days later - I'm STILL disappointed :( Ah well - The same group is putting on the K-100 Relay so I am hopeful there will be medals there. I asked the team captain to verify :P

  2. At least you got your shirt in the end!! :)

    I was in a 5k this weekend and heard there was only 1 water stop for the 10k people! Lots of people were upset about that! We got to finish on the 50 yard line of Auburn's field, but then had to walk up the stadium steps to get our water. :)

    Great 15k you did!


  3. Love that sparkly skirt! Glad you took it easy and still had a great race!

  4. I have been reading for a while but have never commented. I was doing my long run on Saturday and happened to end up in Eau Claire just before the race was fun to watch everyone take off! Congrats on a great race :)


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