Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race Report: MEC Bow River Run 10k

What a gorgeous day for a race!  Spring was definitely in the air here.

I met up with some of my friends beforehand and was able to deliver the Color Me Rad prizes to two of the winners right there:
Anna and Amy - 2 of the winners of the Color Me Rad 5k entries
(Yes, Amy is pregnant and is going to have one heckuva time finding a huge white t-shirt to wear over her bump by the time Color Me Rad hits Calgary...if anyone has tips on where she might buy one - post them in the comments...)

Then, I colossally failed at the pre-race self portraits of me, Anna and V.

Well, I got a good one of me and Amy....

and of me...

For this race, I decided to give my new iFitness hydration belt a whirl.  Overall, I liked it - but it did cause me a great deal of grief until I let it just rest higher.   When I pulled it down on my hips - it would move around ALOT.  Guess I just need to come to terms with my high-waistedness and it's relationship with fuel belts.

The race itself was great.   I started out running just ahead of Anna and April and then my friend, Heather, found me on the bridge as we headed out. We ended up staying together for the rest of the run.  Since we were both out for fun and had no time goals so we just chatted it up the entire race and had a great run.

The race course for this one was nice because it didn't start at Eau actually started at South Edworthy Park and ran east along the river to Crowchild then across the river and west for a km before turning around and returning the way we came.  So many races run the exact same route out of Eau Claire that you never quite realize how boring it gets until you change it up a bit.  I really liked this one.  It made me think I should maybe be starting more training runs out of Edworthy.

Heather is going to be running Vancouver half with me and JS in 2 weeks.  We'd never run together before and it was nice to see that our paces meshed well for this.  Makes me really excited for Vancouver! (well - everything makes me pretty excited for Vancouver these days - I just want to GOOOOOO already!)

Me and Heather - post race. Note how my long sleeve is trying to be an extra bra for me.  (Note to self - tie the shirt UNDER the belt in the future so you don't look like a moron.)

The race was timed "old school" (ie. no chip) so my Garmin tells me this is what my time will be when they announce it tomorrow...hmmm, not quite 10k....


The Garmin geekery:

I went in search of post-race goodies, but they were completely out :(  Guess the 5kers were super hungry when they crossed the finish.

Knowing Anna and April were not far behind me, I went back to the finish (sorry to the lady I nearly knocked over as I tried to get in to take a pic)

Big Finish!   in around 1:08.  Take that cancer!!!

I even "won" a door prize after (actually - it got to the point where they were just looking around and calling out numbers to clear the prize table so "winning" might be an overstatement... )

But, I did win SOMETHING today...I won the Punkeelove headband giveaway over at Yo Momma Runs. (Follow her - she's awesome!)  So exciting since I don't usually win things and was pretty sure had it in for me...  But this headband looks too cool and I am excited to give it a try!  Maybe I'll have to see if I can work the awkward piggies into twin buns like Yo Momma does...hmmm

My over all impressions of my first MEC race?   I really liked it.   It was a super small field (only 300 people) but it was super relaxed and alot of fun.   And if they keep the entry fees at $10, these are going to become really hard races to get into once word gets out.

After the race...I went to pick up my race package at Gords for tomorrows race - the Spring Trio 15k.  I was so excited to see that the race shirts were long sleeve.  Then, as I wandered through the store - I noticed they had given me a small instead of a medium.  Oy.  So I went over to exchange and she handed me a short sleeve.  I was so sad and I passed the comment that it was odd that the mediums were short sleeved.   The volunteer just shrugged and me, assuming the shirts were the same print for all distances, went on my merry way.

Then, after I got home to Langdon, I shook out the shirt to show hubby and instantly noticed the 5k printed on the front. :(   Luckily, I contacted the race organizer and she said I can exchange it tomorrow, no problem.  Yay!   I am much more likely to actually WEAR a long sleeve cotton shirt.  A short sleeve one would just go into the pile to eventually not be made into a race shirt quilt...


  1. Great recap!! As for post-race snacks, it was cleaned out by the time i got there!! I saw people walking around with handfuls of clif bars and such-to me that lacks class. Common sense to me says one per person.

  2. Makes sense, though. Cheap races bring out the cheapskates...I saw it was alot of common mid-race fuel (from the piles of boxes left over) so I bet people were stocking up. If they were smart - they would have had volunteers handing them out instead of doing the free for all.

  3. Looks like fun. If it's any consolation, they ONLY place I can wear my belt is way high...otherwise it moves around way too much! I could only wear it on my hips when I was pregnant, ha ha! When I tie a shirt, I go below the belt in the back and then tuck the 'knot' up so it's above the front of the belt (hope that makes sense....)

    1. Totally makes sense. I wore the belt up high for the 15k and it didn't budge so I am happy with that. I am glad iFitness is at the BMO expo. I am totally going to buy a couple of add-on bottles for it there :)

  4. I don't even own a belt of any kind for the reasons you cited. I carry a handheld water bottle. I don't run long enough distances to require fuel per se, but I bet I'd just stuff them in my pockets or something.

    Sounds like a well organized race. I'm surprised that they had post-race snacks for $10 race reg. Wish I could have run this race. I'll try for it next year!

    Glad you had a great time!



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