Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Running Buddy

Tonight, I ran just over 5.5k - most of it with S, one of the ladies on my K-100 team.  It's really amazing how the time flies when you're with a friend - even a new one.   I've run that route a zillion times at a zillion different paces and tonight it seemed to take no time at all as we chatted away the kilometers.  I'm looking forward to getting in more runs with her :)

It looked like we might be running it in a downpour, but by the time we headed out the rain had tapered off to a light spit and we could just enjoy the refreshing cool of the evening.  It was actually really pleasant for my first rainy run of the season!

I also got a Runner Info email from BMO Vancouver Marathon tonight and was able to go look up my bib number for race day!   So, if you're out there cheering - make sure you cheer extra loud for #17113!


  1. Will be cheering EXTRA loud for you! :)

    You know I bought a sports watch (Timex) for $100. In between the time that I bought it and figured I might need to learn how to use it-I lost it!!! I CANNOT find it! Ugghh... Waiting to save up to buy another one! :)


  2. Talking and running -- a distant dream for me, lol. At the moment I'm happy that I'm just breathing while I run (umm jog). :)
    Cheering for you big time!! :)


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