Monday, April 16, 2012

MOMday: Joggermom Marathon 2012

Looking for a bit of inspiration to get moving this spring?   Look no further!  The Joggermom Marathon  is set to start May 1st and runs for the entire month of May!

All you need to do is log 42.2K during that month to complete the Marathon! Keep track on the provided spreadsheet in case your name is drawn for the prizes - you need to prove you actually did the miles through photos of your Garmin or treadmill in order to win!

It's a nice, gentle way to run a marathon at your own pace!

Registration is only $10 and the prizes are AMAZING!  You have a chance to win: 2011 Baby Jogger 25th anniversary stroller, 2012 BOB Revolution SE stroller, fitness classes, active apparel and a zillion other prizes (I may be exaggerating that number a bit - but the prizes ARE good).

Why don't you join me?    We can stay active together...just like we always do :) You can totally say I (Cori Nicholls) made you do it when you sign up :)

(I am not affiliated with Joggermom or the Joggermom Marathon - I just thought it looked like fun, signed up and am sharing it with you in my never ending attempt to coerce encourage moms to get and stay active!)


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    1. I figure I'm practically doing it anyway - since I am registered for a half, 10k and 5k in May :P Should be no problem getting in the miles ;)


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