Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Magic Pants

Tonight, I took my new compression capris for a spin.   Henceforth, they shall be known as my Magic Pants.

It was even more gorgeous out there tonight than it was last night.   It hit something like 15C today!  I got to head right out in a tank instead of needing to strip down halfway through.

After my really inadequate dinner of nachos and a gel, I headed out to the gravel road and figured I would tear it up and do my speedwork out there.   Little did I know that since my last foray to the gravel, they had grated and re-graveled much of the area.

Loose gravel!

But I did my best.  I didn't run the 2 x 1.6k sections non-stop.  Between cars and dirt bikes out on the road, it was nearly impossible to stay to the middle of the road where it was flattest.

At the turn-around (4.5k) I took this pic back toward town.  If you look really close - you can see houses along the left side of the horizon - that is the end of my street.

If you look even closer (with a magnifying glass, perhaps), you can see a friggin' screaming red-winged blackbird on every one of those power poles.  And we all know how much I LOOOVE red wing black birds.

Nervous smile as I head for home.   At least I didn't get swooped once.

9K done.  My longest mid-week run ever, I think.   1:04.   I credit my magic pants - not the speedwork, for that pace.

First impressions of the pants?  I like them.  First - I feel like a superhero in them - all tall and skinny and not a jiggle in sight ;)   They made me feel like I had springs in my legs that kept them going and let me power through whenever I could.  I liked that feeling.

and, because I forgot to post it yesterday - here is the pic of the new strap on my Garmin.  Loving it so much more than the rubber one.


  1. Hmm, sounds like I need to get me some magic pants? What brand are they again?

  2. They are the CW-X 3/4 Stabilyx. RR sells them, but they are also available online for cheap cheap. Alanna sent me info so I can pass it along if you want it. I am still waiting on the ones I ordered from them (they were backordered) but I found a pair at RR last weekend and had a 20% coupon so got them for much less than the megabux on the pricetag.

  3. Wow what a GORGEOUS area you have to run in! I'm jealous of your country running ;)

  4. I can only run out there for another month or so or I'll be attacked by horrid birds...makes me long for city running


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