Saturday, April 28, 2012

Last Long Run before Van

Today was the last long run before Vancouver.   6k feels more like a Tuesday than a long run so this one seemed purely for fun.

JS and I met up at Mount Royal University where the Tech Shop was having their huge annual sale.  Both of us had hopes of finding rain jackets and spare shoes but neither of us had luck on either front.  Ah well.  We made out like and its on the sock front.  Such good deals on running socks.  I even scored some Injinjis (the toe socks) for $1 a pair.  They are too big for me but I only wear them in my fivefingers for strength and biking so they should work great.   I also managed to find Peanut Butter Gu - which I have been hunting halfheartedly for forever.   I will admit that I ate one as a snack earlier out of curiosity and I think it may be the best Gu flavour.  Just don't look at it as you eat it, because it looks like caramel and tastes just like peanut butter...and that's weird.

After the sale, we ditched our stuff in my car and took off to the west of the college and ran up 37th street.  We almost NEVER do a straight residential run so it was odd to stop for stop lights and to have to battle shrubs and uneven cement.  But the change in route was nice and 6k went by really quick as JS told me all about her recent holiday to NYC (that I am very envious of).  

Less than a km from the university, we stopped at Starbucks.   My tastebuds have changed so much on my Canada Food Guide challenge that I decided to not order flavoured syrup in my latte and found it plenty sweet on it's own.  SCORE!  Less sugar for me!  

Now, I can take it pretty easy for the rest of the week.   Just pack and plan and figure out how to get around Vancouver to everything we need/want to see and do.  We are both so excited!

One last thing...

I am still in the running for top 25 Outdoorsy Mom blogs of 2012.   If you have a moment, I'd really love it if you could pop over there and vote for me!   Voting wraps up in 9 days and you can vote once per day (no need to register or anything).

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  1. Your race is so soon! It was a beautiful day for a run today until the big dark clouds rolled in. I heard about the sale, but didn't have a chance to make it there


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