Wednesday, April 4, 2012

GAH!!! Run Gone Bad!

So tonight hills were on the schedule.   Since, as we all learned on Monday, Langdon is pancakeland - it was onto the treadmill I went.

I made it 1K.  One measley K.   And half of it walked.  As soon as I started to run - I could feel the IT band tightening up and putting pressure on my knee.

No hills done. :(

I finished the workout on my bike.

So now, I have a conundrum.  I really do need my treadmill and I am obviously doing it wrong.   I can run outside now - this was the last of the hill training during this training cycle so I can do speed (ish) outside starting next week.  But as a mom, I need the treadmill for winter training.   I can look at this as time to dump the 'mill or I can look at it as adequate time to perfect technique before it becomes my primary training location next winter.   I'd prefer my choice to be the latter.

Doe anyone out there in Internet-world have treadmill tips for me?  Insight on where I might be going wrong that my stride is altered so much that this happens only on the 'mill?  Links I should read to set me on the right track?

HELP!!!!!  Any tips would be most appreciated!


  1. Maybe watch your pace? I was told that running on a mill actually adds about a minute to you pace. Eg: what you think is a 7min/km is equivalent to a 6min/km. Has to do with the energy being absorbed by the treadmill or something. Not sure if that's at all helpful, but a point to consider.

  2. Hmmm..that's super interesting. Thanks! And makes me feel A LOT better about the paces I had figured were too slow to be that darn hard!

    Could be worth an experiment...I'm fine when I'm walking on there (maybe I should have done my hill workouts as walking workouts lol) but as soon as I speed up a bit - the tightness comes back.

  3. I'd be interested in your feedback for this-i never paid attention if running outside or on the treadmill was different last summer.


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