Sunday, April 8, 2012

FAN-Friggin-Tastic 18K!!!

It appears the new shoes were the last piece in the puzzle.   My naggy knee was completely non-existent on this long long run! 

I met up with JS at Eau Claire today.  She was running a bit behind so I popped into Running Room and - lo and behold - they had the compression capris* in my size (and I had the 20% off coupon to knock the price waaaay down).  That alone was enough to make today great.  A pain free run was just the icing on the cake.

Today was also special because it signaled the first run across the brand new peace bridge for us.  We definitely took a moment to savour it, after detouring around the construction for the past 2 years!

After that - we just enjoyed a nice and easy long run out to Shouldice Park and back.  The paths were incredibly busy today with walkers and runners out to enjoy the beautiful day and burn off their Easter dinners before they consumed them.   The weather was beautiful, despite running into the wind the whole way out.  I stripped down to my tank on the return trip and, while it was a bit cool for that in places, I wasn't freezing either.

Today I fueled on Mint Chocolate Gu and TA DA!  no stomach issues either.

JS and I chatted the run away and made more plans for our Girls Weekend in Vancouver!  (We totally need to come up with a really catchy name for it...something EPIC!)

In the end, we finished up our 18K in JUST shy of 2.5 hours.   And this was probably one of the most enjoyable runs I have had in a very long time!

and the Garmin Geekery:

How was your run this weekend?  How far did you go?  Did you have any adventures?

*and, yes, I had ordered the compression capris online for a helluva deal.  The sad news is that they were backordered so I don't know when they will arrive.  I do, however, love the way they fit so I am going to really enjoy having 2 pairs of them. 


  1. Did you guys start running at 7 am in Eau Claire and environs?? Did you see me????? I was out running with running buddy this morning in the vicinity!! I was the one in the bright blue long sleeve tee and vest with black tights.

  2. Nope. We didn't head out until 930, but I was looking around for you since I knew you were out and about. Don't worry, if I'd seen you, I would have introduced myself and said hi :)


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