Monday, April 30, 2012

April Recap and May Goals

My April
(as per DM)
THIS (April) was the month I finally started to see some progress.   And it can all be attributed to trying harder and taking a different look at things.

By enlisting my coworker in the Kick Ass April challenge - I stayed on track with my strength training...and actually enjoyed it as we laughed through our covert attempts to sneak in a 6 minute workout every morning.  Nothing - and I mean nothing - could have prepared me for the results that started as soon as we took up a Canada Food Guide challenge, though.  The first week and a half - I lost 6lbs.  My weight had gone down shortly after the start of the month but had buoyed back up to the boring old 171 it had been when April began.  Today, I stand 164.5!   And all I have been doing is following the Canada Food Guide.   I've also noticed such benefits as my tastebuds changing rather quickly and not being able to handle anything too sweet or salty anymore.  I like it.

Total losses in April: 6.5lbs, 3% body fat, 3.5 inches
KMs run:  100

here's my April calendar:

So, April - despite it being an "off" month for my running - as I was sidelined with my injury - is ending on a real high note.   My running is coming back strong - especially after pulling off two great races last weekend.   I am one week from Vancouver and feeling confident that I will finish strong and, likely, with a new PB under my belt.

A recap on Aprils Goals
  • Follow Kick Ass April - Totally rocked this (and I credit it for my pants starting to fall off of me a couple of weeks ago)
  • Follow a month long menu plan - nope.  Only lasted a couple of weeks before this started to choke our family. Definitely see the value in making a weekly one, though.  Especially since my MIL is moving back in with us this weekend.
  • No buying books - bought a cookbook or two but no fiction.  
  • Run spring trio 15k - rocked it!
  • Yoga - did it a couple of times but nothing I could stick with.  I really need to work on this one
  • Writing - ummmmm. I would rather not talk about it.  BUT I did start writing a new book. I can see this one becoming more prominent in June.
  • Reach low 160's - I am going to say I win on this one.  164.5 may be closer to mid 160's but because it is under 165 - I am going to count it as low!

May Goals

After the success with last month's Kick Ass April, my coworker and I decided we want to do arms in May.  Of course, the sisterhood is doing something different so we decided to create our own.  Feel free to follow along on our All About Arms workout :)

We will be doing the pushups on a counter between our cubes and using resistance bands for the other two.  I'm going to get hubby to take some progress pics tonight so I can compare at the end of the month.

Other goals for the month:
  • Rock the Van Marathon half
  • Stick to the Canada Food Guide Challenge
  • Low 150s by the start of June
  • Mothers Day 5k - aim to be sub 30min
  • Calgary Marathon 10k - aim to come in under 60mins
  • Try to fit some yoga in at least once a week
  • Weekly meal planning.
  • Find more time to read 
  • Joggermom Marathon!!!! Run 42.2k in one month.  Since I have a half, a 5k and a 10K on the plan for the month - I think I'll have no problem doing this! :) 
  • Find a moment to transcribe my first year of running over to Daily Mile.  I'd love to see what my ACTUAL running career has been in kms....
My no-book-buying challenge ends this month because I have several books I've been dying to read that are released May 1!  I may reinstate it on May 2 :P


  1. You did great with your goals last month and I'm sure this month will be awesome too!

  2. Sign me up for the "All About Arms"! I was thinking about how to improve on my arms at the gym yesterday-i've always been so focused on getting my legs strong.

    Quick question about Canada Food Guide that you are following. Are you just making sure you are getting so many of each food group a day? What is the main thing you credit to it's ease of use?

  3. Great job with your April and the weight loss. Good luck with May :)


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