Monday, April 2, 2012

5k in the Sunny Sunshine

Spring is definitely in the air..and it feel early.  I already saw pussy willows and buds on the trees.  Usually I don't notice that til May!

Tonight I had a chiropractor appointment so I decided to wear my Garmin on the walk over and then run a steady 4K the long way home.   Can't waste a beautiful evening like this.  The wind was out to cool me down and I just enjoyed the footfalls and the fresh air.

My right knee was a bit naggy, but that might have been a result of the chiro appt.  Even so - I found that if I adopted a faster turnover, the pain went away so that might be something to experiment with.  I just don't know how long I can maintain it.

Now for some pics:
Who's that crazy girl with the crazy curly hair?

5k complete!

So tired already...
 and some Garmin geekery.  This is the fastest I've gone in over a month so I'm pretty proud of how good I actually felt during the run.

and this is exactly how flat Langdon really is...and why I need a treadmill for hill training...

Now that spring is upon us - I see myself doing ALOT more of these evening runs outside.

Unfortunately, tonight's run only made up partially for my snacky snacky day...after the girls are in bed, I'll be hitting the bike to burn off the rest.  I can't wait until Easter is over and the jelly beans are out of the house...they're EVIL, I tell you!


  1. That is flat! I can't even imagine how nice that would be sometimes, but yes hill training is good too. great job with your run.

    1. Thanks. And - yeah, I don't call this place pancakeland for nothing. :) Calgary is only 15 mins west and it is far hillier. Langdon has one hill...and it was made from the dirt they removed when they dug everyone's basements LOL


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