Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Gear Review - Run Love Compression Socks

Well, I did it - I moseyed on over to Tri-It Multisport last Saturday and picked myself up a pair of the Run Love Compression Socks from

The thing that drew me to these socks is that they are bright - without being obnoxious - and girly.   I loved the little heart on the outer calf and the price (at $25) was certainly a steal.

I also own a pair of CEP socks so some of the comparisons I draw between the two might not be entirely fair.  CEP makes medical grade compression stuff.  These are not in that same class.  Just getting that out of the way first.

I bought the socks in Azure (blue).  The fact that the sizing was listed as ONE SIZE - I still wasn't convinced that they would fit over my skis - er, size 11 feet,...but they did.  I don't consider my calves to be terribly large so was a bit sad that the heart stretched right out when I had them on (case in point - hubby asked why I bought socks with a maxi pad design on them - I still thought it looked like a heart).  I also found that they didn't come up quite as high as I though they would...they settled in several inches below my knees.  I do have large feet and long legs, though - so I knew that would probably need to give in my expectations.

They were really easy to get on.  They fit easily over my feet and up onto my calves with minimal yanking and swearing (c'mon, if you've worn really heavy duty compression wear before - you know what I mean)

I would consider these to be light compression - tighter than a regular knee sock, but nowhere near the tight compression that you would get from a pair of CEP socks (or a pair of Sigvaris trouser socks).  They felt comfortable to wear - though, toward the end of the day, I did feel the top band pressing in on my upper calf.  I took this as a sign that they just weren't long enough for my long lower legs.  They would be nice to wear for a half marathon or a  partial day, but I don't think I'd wear them for an entire day again.

If you're in the market for a pair of light compression socks - I'd say go for it.  The price is really reasonable for what you get and the colours are so much nicer than so many of the other options out there.


  1. I love the RunLove socks, but I agree with your assesment. For your longer feet you might try the Zenseh I find that they are longer in the foot.

    1. Cool. I think I can even get those locally :)

    2. Thanks for the recomm! I also have longer feet as well. Cori - I have the same shoe size as you...maybe even longer (size 12 runners). I thought I was the only one with big feet!

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