Monday, March 19, 2012

Who's Up For A Challenge?

Ok - so I just joined the Ready For Summer Challenge that I found out about from Shannon at Every Step Counts

The premise is simple...
This challenge starts Monday 26th of March, and lasts until June 3rd. That's 10 weeks of challenge fun for you!

There are four basic goal categories:
  • weight loss goal
    My goal is to get to my goal weight
  • non-scale goal
    2:15 Half Marathon
  • exercise goal
    Working out 5 days a week
  • nutrition goal
    Making healthier choices and leaving a deficit in My Fitness Pal each day
I'm excited to get started.  It will be good to keep me motivated so I can hit my goals in time for summer! 
Who's with me? 


  1. Great that you wanted to join our challenge! You have good and reachable goals, let's do this! :D

  2. Half Marathon, awesome! Sounds like some great goals, can't wait to hear about you making them & more:-)

  3. Great goals! I look forward to watching you achieve them over the next 10 weeks.

  4. Just joined! My exercise run 3x/week goal should get me ready for first Half-marathon June 9th, yipee!

  5. Welcome to the challenge! :) I look forward to reading about your progress!


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