Thursday, March 15, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1) I've been working out my race plan for the rest of the year...Now I just need the time and $$$ to register for races for the rest of this year (I need to space them out a bit this year so am registering for one each month)

Here's my plan for July - onward.  So far.

Color Me Rad 5K - Aug 11
Edmonton Marathon 10K - Aug 19
Dinosaur Valley 10K - Sept 9
Gorilla Run 10 miler - Oct 14

2) My Shopping List is Growing :S

I have so many things I am coveting rightnow and am so torn beside just dropping the money for them right now (meaning dipping into my Vancouver savings) or waiting and waiting...
  • A new water belt - I am coveting the Amphipod Full Tilt Velocity belt.  I am probably going to cave on this soon....if I can find one online that ships to Canada!!! (and doesn't try to screw me on the shipping)
  • Run Love compression Socks - I bought a pair of CEP compression socks back at the Marathon Expo in Kelowna and LOVE them (though I haven't run in them unless you count Rick Hansen Relay).   I've been wanting something a bit cuter just for fun race day outfits and have found they sell these locally at Tri-It Multisport

3) The first Chiropractic visit was last night
and he sees nothing wrong with my knee.   He did, however, find my hip out of alignment.  I suspected it was a hip thing and he pretty much confirmed it.  I am going back on Monday for a follow up visit.

Also - my TNT Running coach has suggested I might want to give MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) a try.   My work benefits won't cover it for this year, but she's offered me one free session to try it out. I'm going to go on March 24th. I figure, what the hey!  Might as well see what it's all about.  Then, maybe next year, I can give it a go on the old personal spending account ;)


  1. I have that water belt! I like it because the horizontal design holds the bottle well. I do find that it rides up a bit so I have to clip it on OVER my tank top and shorts. I got mine at REI

    1. That's awesome to know. Thanks! I usually clip my belts over my tanks anyway so that's no biggie for me. I am itching to order it. I bet I cave by tomorrow...

  2. I'm thinking about running the Colour Me Rad 5k as well! And I <3 those Run Love compression socks...I don't have any compression things, but now that I'm running longer distances, I may give them a try!

  3. If you get really stuck on the shipping, ship it to Blaine and I can pick it up and then mail it to you from Vancouver. Might be cheaper since most places will ship for free within the States. Blaine is where I send all of my online shopping to since I'm down there at least once a week.


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