Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Week Off Edition

1.  Something crazy is happening.   I have only lost 3lbs since I started training (ahem - er - since the start of the year) but I MUST be getting smaller.   My size 12 dress pants that I had to buy after my marathon can now be pulled off without unbuttoning...and my size 10s are almost in the same condition.  When I told hubby, he said "Not a big surprise - your butt is getting a lot smaller"

So, #happydance.  I'm crediting the introduction of my treadmill.

2. I am so antsy on this week off running but I know I totally need it.  A second trip to the chiro sent me home with some new revelations.  The knee pain moved after my first chiro visit and when I told him that - he did some poking around and told me he suspects it is a combination of my bursitis AND a slight strain in my right quadriceps.  Jogged to the mailbox last night and totally felt it in my quad so am targeting that now.

Rest.  Ice. Compression.  Elevation.  I'm there.

My hamstrings and calves are still super tight and I'm having trouble getting them to release...even resorted to my foam roller (which did nothing) so I am now thinking I may get myself a massage appointment for Friday.

3. Having shared goals on My Fitness Pal has been a fun way to keep me conscious of my eating.  It's been fun to see how many of us can leave 200 calories in the bank at the end of each day!

What fun things have happened to you this week? Share in the comments, I'd love to hear about your adventures!


  1. It's funny about the pants, hey? I actually weigh a few pounds more than I did before Christmas (when I was on a quest to lose the last of that baby weight) and yet, I can tell that my body is smaller now even though I'm not watching my food nearly as carefully. I think running does that - you get stronger, you get fitter, you get smaller, but it's not just pounds lost, it's muscles gained too. Good work! I love those falling-off pants!

  2. Yeah, I had a month where I lost a total of 2lbs, but the inches were dropping! So the scale doesn't always tell the truth!

  3. i love hearing that you lost inches even though the scale was stuck. its important to remember to measure our progress in many different ways!!!


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