Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Things I'm Excited About this Week

1) The medals at the Calgary Roadrunners St. Paddy's race next weekend!  I totally wasn't expecting there would be a medal at this race, but got an email earlier this week saying they are doing medals to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the race!   Woot! #medalwhore

It's not too late to register for this one!!!

2) My Sparkle Skirt Order

I don't think it's going to arrive in time, but I ordered a green sparkle skirt to try out (and will wear it if it's here in time for St. Paddy's).  I'm just excited to have something fun coming in the mail!

3) My Karhu Runners

I am seriously in love with these shoes.  My legs hurt like a mo-fo after a long run in them, but it's a good thing because it feels like they are forcing me to use my muscles the "right" way.  I've never had a shoe fit my feet so well.  I'm still antsy to try out a couple different brands of shoes, but right now I am feeling like a Karhu girlie.


  1. I am so jealous of your skirt. Now I'm thinking of trying to make one for my St Paddy's race...sequin sparkle fabric is on sale at my have craft store...

    1. You totally should!!! And post a picture so I can admire your handi-work. I am so not a sewer (despite my recent demi-success with medals - the Franke-loveys are more a real show of my ineptitude)

      At a valentines event last month, there was a vendor selling no-sew tutus for munchkins. They were super simple and I am tempted to try making an adult one if my sparkle skirt doesn't get here in time. I figure I can always reuse the materials to make smaller tutus for the girlies when I'm done. If I can find instructions online, I'll post them for you :)

  2. I'll be running in that race too! Unfortunately, I'm not as organized as you I'll be lucky if I have ANYTHING green to wear to this race!

  3. Tempting to look for a green costume. My Brooks PureConnects are a minty green. I am disappointed that I had to downgrade to the 5km from the 10km because of plantar fasciitis.


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