Saturday, March 17, 2012

The start of a week off...aka taking care of #1

I am taking a week off. 

Yes - in the middle of half marathon training, I am taking a week off.   No long run this weekend.  No short runs this week.   My legs are counting on me.

I realized today that the knee pain is the return of my old friend, Mr. Pes Anserine Bursitis.  A clear result of my not stretching well enough.  The compensating is causing me to develop shin splints (overtraining might be playing a bit part in this as well).   I don't like either but I think a week of rest, icing and stretching will be enough for me to come back smarter and stronger.  

So, I won't have a long run report this week (unless you count this anti-long run post).   I really want to finish strong in Vancouver and this week of rest is going to help me do exactly that.

I'll still be working out - my bike has been missing me anyway.

Take care of yourselves out there.  RICE as necessary to keep yourselves running strong.


  1. take it easy! best to rest than risk injury.

  2. Great idea! Running through injuries is NEVER worth it. I learned that the hard way when training for my last marathon in 2010. Hope a week off gets you back to 100%!


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