Saturday, March 10, 2012

Running with the TEAM

On Wednesday, I received an email that my TNT Coach, Sheena, had sent out to all of us alumni.  She had a team that was reaching that point in the season where it starts to get overwhelming.  The miles run long and the fundraising pressure really digs in.   Her hope was that a schwack of Alumni would join her team to provide some stories, support and camaraderie to help them over the hump.

JS and I took no time in answering her call.  We had to get in 15ish K anyway.  Plus - this is the TNT season that is going to Vancouver.  I figured I might be able to help drum up some excitement as a Run Van ambassador.   Being one of the few Run Van bloggers that are outside of Vancouver, I was starting to feel like I wasn't really doing much outside of chronicling my training adventures!  I did tell a few of the people about my role with the Marathon and encouraged them to look me up.

In the end, the alumni group ended up providing the Mission Moment for the Team.   I told the story of how I started running for Anna and how the whole TNT experience changed my life forever.   Five of our team from Nike were there so we did alot of talking about how we've been affected by blood cancers and, perhaps most importantly, this team got a chance to see how close the Nike 2010 team really was and continues to be.  I'd forgotten how emotional a Team in Training Mission Moment can be and I am so happy that JS and I changed our Saturday run location so we could be there!  Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the talking that I failed to snap a pic. :(

We didn't really end up running with the actual team - except for a couple of minutes here and there. 

The route today was from Eau Claire to Edmonton Trail - across the river and then up to almost Edworthy Park then turning around and crossing over again at Crowchild.

This was a tough run for me...not so much in effort as in pain.  I was going so strong up until 5K and then my knees started to groan a bit.  I walked it off - adjusted my form and then was fine again until around 10K.  Then my left knee started to get really complain-y.  The walk breaks in that last 5k were often and long.   JS was great about sticking with me and I am grateful that she would remind me to keep going...

Here were the splits:

This run reminded me that I really need to do something about the knee issue.   I am going to call my chiropractor on Monday and book an appointment for this week.

Oh - and of note on this was so freaking warm that I ended up stripping down to my tank.   First tank top run of 2012 and it was glorious.  As much as I love my long sleeve running tops...nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on my skin.  Love It!!!

Can't wait til I get a phone with a decent camera...

We also did a fair bit of talking about what we want to pull together for cute race day outfits in Van.   It's going to be so awesome!!!!  Can't wait!

8 Weeks left til Vancouver Marathon!!!   It's coming up so fast!   


  1. I'm so jealous of your long run-though not the pain! Get it checked out-and follow any instructions you get!!

  2. great run, except for the knee thing, hope you get that figured out!

  3. Great run! That is really nice, being part of this TNT. I've never heard of it before, what is it?

    1. TNT is Team in Training. They are a charity endurance running program operated by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. I did my first half marathon with them to raise money and honour a friend - it was how I started running for real 2 years ago. A fantastic program filled with fabulous participants. Some of my best friends came from my team :)


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