Sunday, March 11, 2012

Run Van - Week 7 Recap

Well, there we have it, kids.  The end of week 7...and only 8ish weeks to go til Vancouver Marathon.  I am so proud of how well I am doing with sticking to my training this time.   I am pretty sure the treadmill is a running mommas best friend. 

This week was odd.   I ended up spending the first part of the week battling knee pain and skipped my Tuesday run as a result.  Wednesday I experimented with a different way of doing hills (that I liked way better).  Thursday, I felt the pinch of lack of preparation on my 6k steady that made it not so steady.  My 15K Saturday run had all sorts of potential, but knee pain ended up being the flavour of the day.  Still - I had a chance to go out and inspire some Team In Training heroes that are bound for Vancouver with my great alumni friends.

Tonight, I put in 5.5K on the treadmill and had a fantastic, pain free run. Followed up with a half hour of yoga/stretching.  I am hoping to come to some sort of a-ha moment about this knee thing.  I plan to book myself in with my chiropractor as soon as I can.  I'm feeling a little out of alignment anyway and he might have some insights to get and keep me on track with it.

I also took myself out and treated myself to a new pair of running tights today.   I have a really hard time finding pants that are long enough and JS had found that her Lulu Run Spirit II pants were ridiculously long so sent me off to Lululemon to try them on.   The Run Spirits didn't look right on me, but I did fall in love with the Will Pant!   High rise heaven!  Ankles that reach my ankles. and a drawstring you can actually tie up!  Love them.  I ran on the mill tonight in them and they didn't move a bit. 

Another plus is that they are a size smaller than I usually wear AND they make me look about as skinny as the model in the picture (in my twisted mind, anyway) I have a feeling I'll be seeking out more pairs of these at the Lulu outlet come May! ;)

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  1. You should tell me your size and I can keep my eyes open for them at the outlet...their stock changes up so often...

    1. Oh, you are so sweet to offer. Don't worry about it. That trip is going to be a treasure hunting trip and I am hoping to not be the same size by the time we get to Vancouver so stocking up ahead of time might end up being a bad thing. Thank you so much for the offer, though.

  2. I have the opposite problem - finding tights that short enough for a 5 foot woman!

    1. That's the beauty of Lululemon...they hem for free! Unfortunately they haven't yet found a way to hem LONGER lol...


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