Sunday, March 25, 2012

Run Van Training - Week 9 Recap

I wish I had a more exciting recap to post for week 9.  With only 6 weeks to go, I feel like I should be ramping up the training and going strong.  Instead, I am sitting around in pain :(  But healing is important and I still think I have time to take this break and not lose out on my training.

This week focused much more on taking care of myself instead of the workouts. I spent my evenings with ice packs on my legs and my workouts were definitely less intense.  Monday, I saw the Chiropractor and we discussed what my muscles had started doing after the first adjustment.   The pains moved to a couple of different locations and he started to suspect I might have strained my right quadriceps.   Then, Thursday and Friday, I thought I would use my foam roller and attack the tight muscles...and I discovered a HORRIBLE knot in my right hip that brought me to tears to touch.

Saturday, I took my Run Coach, Sheena, up on her offer to introduce me to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).  I was skeptical at first, but figured that I trust her opinions and it was worth a shot.   For two and a half hours, she tested me for muscle imbalances and lazy muscles who are letting others do all of the work for them.  Turns out I have A LOT of those.  She pressed and prodded and set off spasms throughout different locations in my lower body.  When I left her house, I was sure I'd be covered in bruises by the next day (I'm not).  I spent the evening in a fair bit of pain, but this morning, I woke up feeling better than I have in recent weeks.   

Sheena also gave me some insight and coping strategies fro my muscle woes.   She thinks a great deal of what I am going through can be attributed to a really weak core...and that it should be expected.   I had a c-section just shy of 3 years ago and they had to cut through all of those important stabilizer muscles to get the babies out.   And I haven't done anything to strengthen them since they healed.   So, my pelvis and hips are needing to take on stabilizing roles that my transverse abdominal muscles would normally handle.   I now have some exercises and a mission and will be working on building that back up.  I will also be buying some core shorts to better stabilize the area when I run until the muscles start doing what they need to do again.

I've decided to take another week off running - hopefully returning for my 12k next weekend - and will start walking to build up mileage this week.  With any luck - by Easter, I will be completely pain free and slowly ramping up the training again...

I don't know how this time off will affect my time goal for Vancouver.   I would still really like to aim for 2:15 but I recognize that something needs to give with my training plan because I am over-doing it.   I am going to put some thinking into making adjustments this week.

So this was my off week...

Monday - 30 mins on the bike, 15 mins stretching; chiropractor
Wednesday - 45 mins on the bike, 10 mins stretching
Thursday - Off
Friday - Off (though lots of walking while I shopped)
Saturday - Off; MAT Appointment
Sunday- 30 mins Yoga

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  1. Planks have helped me build a more stable core. Here's a link (copy and paste) that helps with the plank progression if you're too injured or can't do the advanced level right away.

  2. Wow, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I'm glad you were able to figure out the roots of the pain. I agree that resting and healing are more important at this time. Hope you heal quickly and be pain-free!

  3. Core shorts? I know my weak core was a source of my problems-i would love to get together soon to hear about all the stuff you are doing.

  4. Yeah what's up with the core shorts? I could totally use some of those for my uh, ahem, problems. I wouldn't worry about the rest. You'll be better rested and feeling better when you're able to train again, so it's still beneficial.

  5. My coach told me that they sell the core shorts at Sport Chek and the ones I see online that are even close to what she described are the Under Armor Pro ones in the mens section. Now I just need to get over how ugly they are. Lets just say they look like mens underwear with contrast stitching along the compression panels. ugh. But I find a skirt that will cover them - it won't really matter if they are ugly...

    I'm also looking at the Nike Pro Compression Capris to give me support at a reasonable price...they aren't core shorts but they are definitely prettier...

    Sheena also advised me to work my way up to 8 second planks with really good form. She said not to go the 1-3 minute plank nonsense and just focus on multiple 8 second planks to strength. She also gave me isometric exercises to strengthen.


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