Sunday, March 18, 2012

Run Van Training - Week 8 Recap

 This week, my training focused on fun and recovery.  I have been suffering with knee pain (though my trip to the chiropractor on Wednesday showed my hips being misaligned).  I cut out 2 runs (including my long run) and took it easy on the other three.  My mileage is lower.  I spent many evenings covered in ice packs.  Funny enough - I also came out 2lbs lighter than I was last Sunday!

The verdict?  I think I'm borderline overtraining and something has to give so I can stay healthy and injury free for the rest of my racing year.

So this coming week, I am taking some time off to heal.

But this past week looked like this:

Monday: Off
Friday: Off and iced
Sunday: Bike 45mins

Do I think that a week off and a missed long run will screw up my training?  No in the slightest.  If anything - I think it will make me come back stronger than ever.  Sometimes it's more about running smart than it is about racking up the mileage.

Now for some photo fun -  I found a few more pics floating around of the fabulously fun St. Paddy's Race

From Dawn Henry's photogallery on Flickr

Still looking for the pics from the other photographers...comment below if you have seen any out there :)

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