Sunday, March 4, 2012

Run Van Training - Week 6 Recap

This was a truly exhausting week.  And one that I chose to take care of myself instead of pushing quite so hard.   I only ran 3 days.  Only worked out those 3 days.  Hitting the hay early was far more important.  And those few days of early bedtimes have worked wonders in both my energy and my motivation!  Well worth missing a couple of runs for.

But I didn't entirely slack off...I got in one weekday run and the most uncomfortable 12K I've done in recent a run on the 'mill today...bringing me to 22K for the week

So the week in review:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Ran 4.5k
Wednesday: Slept
Thursday: Slept
Friday: Slept
Saturday: Ran 12K
Sunday: Ran 5K, upper body strength and Abs, plus a half hour of yoga/stretching

And to everyone who wanted to see that DIY Medal Rack filled with bling...this one's for you:

And, for a small personal victory - my weight loss is on its way again...I had gained a couple of pounds (or 5) in January...but managed to lose them in February.  So, for 2012, I am down one pound and 1% body fat.   Here's to March bringing on some real progress...

For past weeks on my Run Van journey, check out the links below:

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  1. Your DIY medal rack looks great!! I still need to figure out where my medal rack was from and let you know!


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