Monday, March 12, 2012

MOMday: DIY Ultimate TuTu Skirt (for you or your Kiddos)

This was going to be my Workout Wednesday post, but I figured some of you might like some extra time to get crafting :)   It is for an adult size tutu but I've added extra instructions for downsizing for your favourite midget.

As my St. Paddy's Race draws near (and the arrival of my Sparkle Skirt does not), I started to get a bit antsy...and my impatience really wanted me to have a skirt for Saturday's race!!!  After all, after my post last week about Running Costumes, I couldn't NOT dress up for this race!!!

Last month, I took the girlies to a Valentines Party and one of the vendors that was there was selling little TuTus for midgets that immediately had me saying "I could so do that!"  And then I promptly forgot about it until Nikki at Slow is the New Fast commented that she might try sewing her own Sparkle Skirt for her St. Paddy's race.

Inspiration struck and I saw the solution to my problem.  I could make myself a sparkly green tutu for my race...and then, once it was done - I could re-use the material to create two small tutus for my girlies.

This is ridiculously simple to do...even a non-sewer like myself can make this one

  • Rolls of Bridal Tulle in the colour(s) of your choice
  • Roll of  ribbon (to create tie-waist)
  • If you're making a tutu for your little one - just use an adult size elastic headband for the waist
This was enough to make more than 2 moderately pouffy tutus


1) Wrap the ribbon around your waist twice to measure - you want to ensure that you have it long enough for the skirt PLUS room to tie it on.   You can always trim the ends later because they will likely be long - this is just a way to ensure you will have the length you need to wrap your skirt around your waist PLUS allow room for the knots of tulle and to tie a bow.

2) Measure the length that you want your skirt to be.  I measured to mid-thigh for mine, since I'd be wearing it over running tights.  Double this number.

3) Cut lengths of tulle to the number you calculated in step 2.  The more pieces you cut - the fluffier your tutu will be.  I used 3 colours of green tulle so alternated the colours to keep it looking consistent.  I cut mine into 3 foot long strips.

4 a) Fold a tulle piece in half - place the rounded end behind the ribbon and fold over. Pull the ends of the tulle through this loop

TIP: Tie the ribbon around something to hold it taut.  I used a round laundry hamper.  A chair back would work well.


4 b)  The closer the space between the knots, the pouffier your tutu will be.  I started out with mine really close and when I tied it on at the end - it flared right out and bobbed with every step.   I ended up removing over half of the tulle for a much more reasonable pouff (see next step for example of spacing).  

5) Repeat over and over until the tutu is your desired density and will completely wrap around your waist


Optional Extra Step:  Embellish the tutu in any way you want - hand stitch on large silk flowers or buttons or whatever; add random ribbons.  It's your tutu - make it your own.

6) Tie ribbon around waist and VOILA - TuTu!

Total cost to create: Approx $8-10 per tutu (the supplies in the first picture cost around $25 total)
Total time to make:  I did it while sitting on my butt watching TV one evening.

Now you have the means to make a sparkly skirt to go with any race costume.  If you keep your eyes open, you might even be able to find materials on sale when you least expect them.  I bought the Tulle from a local home-based business I found on Kijiji, Decor And More Decorations and Supplies (click link to email; they are located in Auburn Bay) for $5 per 75ft roll (which is a steal and they had every colour imaginable) and the ribbon was from Wal-Mart for around $3.   Check with wedding supply companies in your area to see what kind of deals you can drum up.  You could also get creative and make the skirt out of thin ribbons or other materials (how cute would a Christmas tutu made out of curling ribbon be?).  I like the idea of tulle or ribbon because it is truly no-sew, while another type of fabric might need sewing unless you want it to fray.

I did look for some inspiration for my tutu, so I would have some ready-made instructions for I am going to post some of those links as well, in case you want to check them out and find the method that works best for you.
Oh and since I had so much Tulle left over - I was able to make Tutus for the runner girls as well...JS says I had her at Tutu! LOL!

If you decide to try this one out for yourself, I'd love it if you would share your photos to the Read.Write.Run.Mom. Facebook page!


  1. AWESOME!!! Thank you for sharing this! I am running a 5k next weekend that I am going to do this for!

  2. Wow! You made it sound so simple. I will definitely try this for my first 5k Color Me Rad run! Thank you so much.

  3. I'm getting ready to make some tutu's and found the spools of tulle for $3.99/25 yd spool online at The Tulle Shed ( I'm looking forward to sitting around making our tutu's!

  4. This worked so well! Easy instructions and great photos! Thanks!


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