Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Heading for the Hills

Ok - not the real hills.

Despite the girls refusing to go straight to bed and it being late when I finally hit the basement - I ran those hills I had scheduled today.

  • 0.5K walk to warm up
  • 2 mins at 0%
  • 2mins at 2%
  • 2 mins at 4%
  • repeat 3 times
  • 0.5K walk to cool down

I found I actually enjoyed doing hills like this much better.  Next time I may throw in a 2mins at 6% in the middle.

and now, for the real victory.  Before the run, I had told myself that when it was done I could have a whole bunch of potato chips (Ms Vickies Sweet Chili and Sour Cream - mmmmmm) and by the time the run was done - I'd talked myself out of them.  Now I can go to bed a little hungry and enjoy the weight loss that comes with a victory like that!

Of course - since I hear the babies upstairs in the living room with hubby - I'm thinking that bedtime may be a while away if they won't settle down...

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