Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cutting it Short

Tonight was supposed to run 6k steady.  I made it 5k with a walk break.  Not the end of the world, I suppose.   My legs are pretty tender from yesterdays chiro.   I'm going to ice and rest so I am better for Saturday.

I hate when I have to do that.  Cutting a run short when I am following a plan with a goal in mind.   It feels like I am short changing myself - even when I know that I need to take care of my body first.  Plus - I've proven I can pull a half marathon PR on one run a week for an entire winter.  Running 5 days a week might just be overkill.  Perhaps it's time to swap one run out with some cross training to save my legs.

And speaking of Saturday...I picked up my race package today:

  • Bib & Chip
  • Cotton Irish/Celtic long sleeve tee
  • Impact magazine Running Issue
  • Assorted flyers
  • Water bottle (I was teasing hubby because the sponsoring company whose logo is on the bottle has the same name as him - told him I had it personalized special for him)
Can't wait til Saturday!!!!


  1. Got mine today as well!! So excited!

  2. I think swapping out a day of running for some cross training is a very wise idea :)

  3. So doing this one next year!


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