Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2k Treadmill Test

Last night I was feeling really good so I figured I could hop on the treadmill and test my leg out on 3k.  I made it to 2k and had to stop.  Boo.

As I was running, my IT Band felt like it was being wound up tighter and tighter.  It was a real bummer.  So I got off, stretched it out and then finished off my workout on the bike.

Today I am thinking through how to rework my training with a focus on restoring my body to a decent place.  This "injury" really has me down.  I feel like I was doing so well and then crashed against a wall that is so tall I can't climb over it and carry on.  But I am determined to not let it kill me.  

So - here is my new plan.
  1. Run 3x per week - including long run
  2. Strength 2x per week.  I am going to incorporate the Rip:60 for Runners DVD into my training
  3. Yoga and stretching.  I don't even want to state how many days a week but I think I need to do this a fair bit for the next month to get my body into a better place.  I ordered Christine Felstad's Yoga For Runners DVD yesterday.

I have also booked myself more Chiropractor appointments and a therapeutic massage for after my long run this week.

Next - I will try to experiment with my other shoes to see if it is my Karhus that are aggravating the problem.  I hope not, because they fit my feet so well and have eliminated my foot pain...but there is no denying that the timeline for this injury and the introduction of my shoes seem to have coincided (despite my vehemently denying it).

I figure with just shy of 6 weeks until the half - I have time to rehab myself and stay on track...but I can't do it while following the Running Room plan.  It is just too running-intensive for my body.  This will be my eighth half in 2 years and it is the first one that I have had manage training while injured.   That tells me something.  I am instead going to listen to my body and work at healing while training.

If it kills my time goal - it kills my time goal.   At this point, I'll feel lucky if I finish.

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  1. Well you've definitely got the right attitude about it. If you want to finish, you gotta do what your body will let you, RR training schedule or not. Good luck with it all this week. I've started to add in more therapy again too, I guess it just works that way. :o)


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