Saturday, March 3, 2012

12K Run and Desperation

Let's just say, this is the run I could have used a washroom for about 80% of.   I was in training all day Friday and didn't think to bring my water bottle with me.  Meaning - I woke up dehydrated this morning and desperately chugged a litre or so of water on the way into the city to compensate.   Even stopping to use the McDonalds washroom at Glenmore Landing twice was not even close to enough. 

I met JS at around 9am (she ran 10+K before meeting me - the joy of marathon training) and we headed out to the north so I could show her the lovely path into the park that I found last week.  She already knew about it, having run into it from the other direction before, but it was still an adventure to embark on :)

By the time I passed the hospital - I needed to pee.  I could still run through it, though.  I figured I would tough it out and duck into the next washroom I found.  Of course, with all of the washrooms being seasonal in those parts - it was going to be a long wait.  Instead, I just found myself getting more and more uncomfortable.  The walk breaks got longer as I got more uncomfortable.  We ran down into the park and then over the Elbow river and into residential again (such cute houses down there - wish I'd taken pics of my faves)

Then it was time to turn around and head back.  Still super uncomfortable.

We hit "THE HILL" and walked up it.  This time my camera still had juice so I could show what I meant last week about it being a hell hill.
It starts off innocently enough:

Then it keeps going up...and twists:

and then goes up some more and twists again:

and again

Photo break mid-hill.   The lovely JS

Aren't we coordinated nicely?

And then the hill goes up some more...

And then suddenly it flattens out for a good long stretch.  

So, if you are in Calgary and want a stupidly steep and curvy hill that never ends for hill training...this one is just down 58th Ave behind River Park.

Anyway - then we texted J on the way back to meet us at Glenmore Good Earth for coffee and we made a quick dash into the Rockyview for a washroom because I was pretty sure I was going to die if I waited any longer...

In the end...a walk-break littered 12K that got the job done but certainly could have been more comfortable (and I'm sure JS NEVER wants to hear me talk about bathrooms again! LOL)

Now for the geekery:

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