Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week Three in Review

And there we have it - week 3 of training for Vancouver is done.  It was an adventurous week.  From negative splits and competing with myself to a nasty pinched nerve and the acquisition of a treadmill.

Monday - 75 mins on the bike
Tuesday - Ran 4K
Wednesday - Ran 4K
Thursday - Nada.   Evening playtime with the twins turned into a painful couple of days
Friday - still trying to fix that pinched nada.  Bought a treadmill.
Saturday - 5K with TNT Buddies, then bought a new pair of kicks
Sunday - Tested out the treadmill and the Karhus to the tune of 3K

Other things of note - my flight to Van is booked and I just need to finalize our rental suite.  I also found out what leg I will be running in the K100.  LEG ONE!!!!  Yay!   I am super stoked about that, since it means I can just fuel up normally and then get the run out of the way so I can just cheer the rest of the team on for the rest of the day!

Also - the Karhus are nice.  I did note some rubbing on the big toe on my right foot, but it seemed to go away as I sped up through the run.   This is just my initial thoughts so I will keep y'all posted if they change.

Meet Mr Treadmill. I haven't decided on a real name for him yet.  No big surprise there - when I was preggo and before we knew what we were having...we had trouble with boy names, too.

convenient safe pace for the key - stuck to the furnace vent :)  Out of reach of 2 year olds!
This bad boy is totally going to help me keep on track through my training.   I am so excited!!!

And I figure I should throw a plug in here for the wonderful moving company who helped us out on super short notice and moved and installed Mr. Treadmill for us.  The Gym Tech fit us in quickly and were pros at getting the 'mill moved and re-installed.   The owner's a bit of a smartass, but I always appreciate a funny guy.

And that, my friends, was my week in review!   Keep running!

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