Friday, February 10, 2012

Treadmill Time!!! (and some resources)

Yep - bought myself a treadmill tonight!   WOOT!  I'm so excited.  I found a really decent one for a steal (the family who owned it are moving out of the country and heartbroken they can't take it with them).  

NordicTrack Commercial ZS
3.0 CHP
20 x 60 inch long running deck (a MUST for these long legs)
0-12% incline
Faster speeds than I will ever need (12 MPH or something ridiculous)

Yep - think this puppy will do just fine!  And it didn't even swallow my entire spending account through my benefits so I probably have room on there for a new pair of shoes too...

After I got all of the payments and the benefit claim forms filled out...and finished arranging the movers - it suddenly hit me.  The controls are in miles.   I'm a metric baby.  Always have been, always will be.  The only thing I know about miles is their kilometre equivalents in race distances.  Don't throw miles per hour nonsense at me!

So, since the Internet happens to be my best friend (well, my best digital friend) - I thought I'd ask it if any enterprising soul had created a pace conversion chart for treadmill users...and lo and behold, someone had!!!!  

Click here for the treadmill pace conversion chart

I'm going to get a page protector and keep it nice and close to my 'mill so I can always be training at the paces I should be!

I also found one that adjusts for incline as well, here

There are loads of others out there so just google "Treadmill Pace Conversion Chart" and see if you can find one that fits your needs if these don't cut it!

I can hardly wait for the movers to get here!  Fortunately I will have a long run and twins and clearing space in my basement to keep me distracted until it can happen!  I'll post pics as soon as the home gym looks respectable again!


  1. Handy chart! Thanks so much. I'm totally going to print this off and keep it by the 'mill too!

  2. Im jealous. I would love to get a treadmill


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