Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Things Thursday - Randomness

1. Liz at One Twenty Five gave me a sharp reminder about my own accountability today.   This was her post:

"I decided today I can’t hate/complain/be annoyed/unimpressed/disappointed with myself for being overweight if I’m not putting the required effort in to change it. Because complaining I’m fat and wishing for a change doesn’t create one."

Yep - duly noted.   Something's gotta change and I need to stop being lazy with my eating.  Especially since I am officially 20lbs heavier than I was last June (bad Cori)

My plan this weekend (Sunday and Holiday Monday) is to do a 2 day cleanse.  Nothing drastic - just a light cleanse to kick start my weight loss again.  I want to see if it will make a difference in adjusting my brain on this weight loss front.

2. I am completely loving my new employer.  As stressful as it was to leave my last job - it was so worth it! THIS is a company who gets what employees really need to find balance in their lives.  It's truly refreshing.  Add to this the fact that everything I now do (even the smallest menial task) is meaningful work -> I'm in a very happy place right now.

3. I may be an unacceptable amount of excited about going to see the penguins at the zoo this weekend.   I've tried to get my kids in on it, but they just aren't jumping as high as I am!  Little party poopers.  It might be time to break out the You Tube videos on the big TV.  I am also extremely excited for the 3 day weekend!  Yay for Family Day! 


  1. Someday, I hope to find a job like that. Have fun with the penguins!!!

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new job! I can't wait to take the kids to see the penguins.
    As far as the 2 day takes at least 2 weeks of eating clean and healthy to adjust your brain to eating healthy!

  3. Ya - I know...I am hoping the cleanse will help with the out of control portions I've been having lately. I eat pretty healthy these days...I just eat too much!!! :)


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