Friday, February 24, 2012

Slacking Off...but not with running

I haven't been so great at blogging about my Vancouver training this week...such a slacker!  Bad Blogger Girl! But I have been getting my runs in.  I promise!   Everything has been on the treadmill, which I am so loving having.  All of my excuses to avoid weekday runs have evaporated!  Now I can put on an episode of Gossip Girl and hit my stride.  Before I know it - I'm done my run and still felt like I got my TV time in :)

So here's my week so far:

Tuesday - 5K

Wednesday 3K Hills. 
This was supposed to be 2.5k - 3x400m hills.  Due to poor planning, I did a half k warmup and then bumped the incline up to 6% for half a k then did half a k recovery (which may have been overkill in hindsight) and repeated this again.  The last repeat, I will admit, I only went up to 4% incline.  I was friggin exhausted!  I also cut that repeat short because I was nearing 3K and was seriously running out of steam.  Got it done, though.  Next week, I'll come back stronger for my next "hill" session.

Thursday - 5.5K steady.  This really exhausted me, for some reason and near the end I had to keep lowering my speed. 

Not a stellar week by any means.  The fact that i can't even recall details from Tuesdays run is a testament to this.  I think my crazy busy week has caught up with me and I just really need a night off and an early bedtime.

Tomorrow I am running 10K LSD solo.  On purpose.   JS is out of town and I want to test out a feature on my Garmin that is better done alone. I'll give more details next week ;)


  1. i just found your blog through nikki (slow is the new fast) and wanted to say that i love the treadmill awesome! i've always wondered about the converstion but was just too darn lazy to figure it all out...thanks!

  2. I'm happy that little thing I found has been so helpful to so many people!

    Thanks for dropping by! :)


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